Where Are You From?


parents are from turkey but im london born and raised. sometimes i wish i was in a city with a small electronic scene as i exhausted myself raving from around 2011-16 and a lot of stuff coming out in last 2 years does nothing for me, hopefully hanging around here will change my mind. + i hate how london clubbing has essentially gotten rid of the misfits, so you know I’m not sad i don’t go out anymore. been digging back into my first love, 91-96 hardcore-jungle, and i have come to the conclusion that if a techno head references photek/source direct but finds bay b kane/kemet noise factory/3rd party gimmicky/cheesy we aren’t on the same wave length in erms of all electronic stuff. everything i listen to i compare to that sound.

rly into stuff like keith fullerton whitman/francois bayle/roland kayn/ekoplekz (circa intrusive incidentalz) and of course Autechre, funkiest whiteboys on the planet, believe.

i also really like rap/rnb, everything from rock marciano/westside gunn to mike will made it productions (tho that add voice he uses is gonna get super dated in 5 years.)


The Brecon Beacons in Wales via Hastings via London via Johannesburg.

Loving the open space and mountains of Wales. There might not be too much going on, but it’s a great place to do my mastering and vinyl cutting business. Few distractions, plenty inspiration.


VI live near Asheville NC and Knoxville TN. It’s crazy lucky that the Big Ears festival is here. Moogfest is gone though. A handful of good artists/bands tour here every year — Autechre a few years ago.

Make Noise is having an anniversary thing next weekend with a fair amount of performers. I’m not familiar with any of them though.

Beautiful mountains here too. Since it’s very affordable, more city people are moving here. There are things to do besides playing outdoors, but I don’t know of any good club scene lol.


Montreal. I can’t speak french for shit but it’s a nice city with a pretty cool experimental and electronic scene.


Brussels based, lived in Ghent & north of antwerp. Cool scene in Brussels imo, but some venues have/had trouble with the city, which is a bit of a bummer. Really nice city though.


Cologne, Germany, been here for 2 years, lived in a few other german cities before that and originally come from a small village in south-west germany


Lille, France here. Nice city with some cool vibes but I’d say that the electronic music scene is lacking some real creatives minds. Fortunately we have loads of DJs and you can always find somewhere with decent music. I just wish there was more producers / musicians on the electronic scene. It’s also cool that the city is at the crossroad of Paris/Brussels/London.
The art-rock/experimental rock scene is pretty cool tho !


heard about this venue called Riddim?


Yes ! It’s a cool spot. There actually was a grime gig (very uncommon in France) at Riddim a few weeks back. Good times !


Northwest England, Liverpool to be precise.

There’s been so much new life breathed into the scene here in the last few years, lots of underground clubs operating on the fringe of legality in the Vauxhall district and larger venues opening in the Baltic Triangle area have led to a surge in decent out of town acts playing.
There’s not a divide within scenes like in most towns I’ve visited - more of a melting pot with people involved and supporting more inclusively a wider range of tastes.


Yes, one of the holder spent some times in lndn


Another Pittsburgh’er checking in. I throw shows under promo groups Cosmic Sound (experimental / av) & BxC Collective (breakcore).

There’s some impressive folks living/moving here - it’s becoming quite the spot (while its still inexpensive anyhow).


the forgotten land of Leicester.


I’m from Cairo in Egypt. Community of music enthusiasts here is pretty tight & somewhat of a bubble but it’s sorta interesting to get to know basically everyone you might even get along with! :smiley:


Originally from a remote & tiny town 6 hours drive northwest of Sydney, then 12 years in Sydney, Currently halfway thru my 2 year visa in London & figuring out how long I can afford to stay.
Because there’s basically no electronic music culture where I’m from I came up playing in indie/punk/math-rock bands. I only really started trying to do electronic music properly in about 2014 or so (as a live performer & producer, rather than a DJ), but my experience has been that Sydney’s a bit of a harsh place to try to do experimental music or weirder dance music - not many venues with stability or continuity, lots of dumb regulations & over-policing, and insular scenes.

After 13 years of running away from my small town upbringing & living in the biggest cities I can (lol), I’m thinking about maybe moving to a small city. I’m curious to hear from folks in smaller cities - what’s your experience been like trying to play or put on nights of experimental music in your city? Have you been able to find a community? Have you been able to get promoters to give you a shot? If you’ve put your own nights on, have you made it work? Have local people shown up straight away or did you have to work for a long time to build up and educate an audience? etc. etc.


Dallas, TX here
Not a whole lot going on in terms of experimental electronic to my knowledge. The scene is pretty homogenized. it’s worth noting that there are some really great jazz and soul artists out here though


So, since starting this thread I’ve now moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Miami. Probably a step down in terms of electronic music :sweat_smile: but if anyone knows anything happening here, feel free to hit me up.


i’m from all over but i live in ireland. dublin. don’t get out much though :expressionless:


@supplice check the monthly DAMN nights at the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. lots of weirdo locals show up with their modular rigs and video equipment. Laraaji, Botany, Matthewdavid, and Curved Light have all been through recently…EBM DJs in the front room. cool scene.


i am from Cracow, Poland. hmu if you want to know sth about polish electronic music scene