Where Are You From?


Thought it might be interesting to see where everyone lives/has lived. Feel free to totally skip this topic if you prefer your privacy.

Guess I should start, I’m from Miami, Florida. Lots of terrible clubs but we have some good events from time to time.


I’m from Basel, Switzerland. Pretty little city. Expensive but lovley.
Clubwise the situation improved in the last few years. Some decent clubs that have something for everyone.


Representing from Oakland, California, here. There’s quite a few great underground-oriented crews / club nights around here. I feel like the Bay Area is on the come-up in terms of national profile lately. San Francisco just wrapped up the first ever US Mutek event, which was pretty sick!


i used to go florida every year from 5 - 17, orlando mostly and would make day trips down to tampa / daytona. miss it tbh, the florida project (film) last year made me all kindsa nostalgic.

i’m from london, lived in brighton a few years & hated it. hoping to move to warmer climates before im 30


long beach, california, usa, earth. i dont know anything about live music stuff here that much tbh because im only 17 and broke :joy::sob:


Boring ass Toronto here. Lived a couple years in London, UK and Mexico City. I think Toronto is getting a bit more recognition (besides the Drake and side stuff) for some underground music and artists these days

(Here’s a Toronto focused show on RinseFM by Hodge)

But I’m not much of a club goer either way. Only event I’ve been to in the last few years was when we had Unsound at an old abandoned power plant (Tim Hecker, JLin, Sunn o))) lol, Raime, etc)


Boston, MA. Somewhat odd scene, a pretty solid Thurs/Sunday shows when we can get performers to come up before/after their shows in NYC, and a pretty robust albeit scattershot local scene. A lot of influences from the NYC/Providence Noise scenes traditionally, but that seems to be changing.


Barcelona! It’d be cool to meet people with similar music tastes as i have trouble convincing my friends to go to the kind of events that i like hah

It hasnt always been like that but lately we have been having great stuff with astin, the mira festival and the Club Marabu. Just this year ive seen Evian Christ, Nosaj Thing, Gaika, Mikki Blanco, Kelman Duran, Otro, etcetc


I’m from Dublin, Ireland. Small little scene here, good independent promoters, few little labels, some good DJs.


Im from PG county MD originally, but NYC for the past 8ish years

@idlestate i always wondered if that kind of stuff got booked in Barcelona, I have a pipe dream of moving there some day


its recent but its getting pretty cool, i hope its here to stay!


rio de Janeiro. we have this amazing early december festival called Novas Frequencias that really shaped my music taste. most memorable performance was Mika Vainio and a collab between Mark Fell and Keith Fullerton Whitman. and the bug & miss red. they have an absolutely stellar lineup every fucking year


Played that last year :smiley: was great


I’m from Rio but live in Dublin whats good


I’m from Philadelphia originally but I spent a year and a half in Buffalo NY and very recently moved to Denver. Philly has a nice scene that seems pretty dominated by industrial/darkwave sort of stuff, but also close enough to NYC for that whole scene there. Buffalo’s basically dead aside from a metal/hardcore scene that sorta cross-pollinated with a noise scene of sorts. And Denver’s music scenes I’m not all too familiar with but I know artists like Entrancer are based there.


Miami, FL as well. I’ve been actually kinda impressed with a few of the shows we’ve been getting down here, tbh, especially some warehouse sets I’ve caught/caught wind of.


im from margate in kent east coast, think shoreditch but by the sea


I’m from a little nowhere town in the Northwest UK.
If we’re going out to clubs and events we generally go to Manchester or Liverpool. Both cities have decent places to go for the musics and are about an hours journey from where I live.


born in michigan but grew up in south florida, then moved back to michigan, now in pittsburgh as of a couple months ago lol.


Toronto is pretty stiff but you have missed some great events at 500 keele street
ie: hunee, ben ufo, stingray and theo parrish in the past 6 months