Where Are You From?


Ayyyo Minneapolis represent!


Originally from New Zealand, studied in Auckland and produced pretty abstract electronic stuff until falling in love with JA dancehall… now living in Vancouver, BC Canada, still produce and select dancehall but have this PIHMS project leading me back towards my roots in electronic and love for garage, 2 step, jungle, tribal and more recently uk funky… which lead me here!


Pittsburgh till I die


holla if you’r from Paris, France, there is the release screening party of my second film Uninstable Defragmentage on WED. 24 October 2018 at Gallia, it’s a post-industrial place owned by a beer brasserie, where friends will deejing, hanging stuff on the cinema room walls. Film start at 9PM.

The film score music form Deantoni Parks, Dakim, Ras_G, co.fee, Magic Fades, Carval Tarek, Fumitake Tamura, El Rio Abajo El Rio Abajo.

My first film Selected Anthropic Recollection will be re-screening at 8PM.

35, rue Méhul 93500 Pantin


Johannesburg South Africa. There’s only about one or 2 clubs that i go out to unfortunately, so mostly a bedroom head.


Have you heard abot GQOM scene in Durban ?


Philly, stand up! Taking a teach position in Beijing early-next year, if anyone is in that region or has any recommendations.


moving to Beijing beginning of next year, would love to link!


From Easter Province, Saudi Arabia… Any GCC folks here?


I am from New Jersey, went to school upstate New York, moved for my current job to NOVA / DC Metro Area, and in mid January I am moving to Lexington, Kentucky


from the NW corner of Georgia (y’all) and bounced around from Texas and such;; recently been inbetween ATL and Chattanooga, TN


I’m from upstate NY. lived in China for 11 years (2 years in Beijing and 9 years in Shenzhen). now back in the states Savannah, GA.

if you have a chance to go to Shenzhen go to Oil Club btw, a couple of friends opened it last year. they’re doing really good stuff.


I’m in Jersey City, NJ. Cool thing happening here. It’s cheaper than living in most of NYC so there are a lot of creative types around.

Plenty of experimental electronic music in town and I freelance all over the place so the location is pretty sick!


how’s the lgbtq community in jersey city


I dont know a ton on that front. Most of the shows I go to are very inclusive in general so you meet all types


I’m from Geneva Switzerland.
We used to have a vibrant squat scene, but now have only remnants of those that turned into “proper” clubs.
Cool things do happen though both in the established clubs and some nice more fringe like events also take place.

There is a need for more daring programming, but I can’t complain really.


considering it’s not the southeast US i tend to forget it’s a /little/ easier elsewhere than here


Seems to have vanished in my hometown, or changed in ways I don’t know. Maybe people show up at the club on certain special nights, but the average Saturday is dead. Or maybe I don’t go out late enough :smile:


What’s happening in Chattanooga these days? Have relatives I need to visit there…


besides the typical struggle of yuppie gentrification and a narrow creative job market (unless y’all are relatives), it’s just slow country living here.

I’m considering expanding on the experiences I had in ATL hosting illegal warehouse raves and stuff to get Chattanooga a little more interesting, but since I’m not in college here it’s hard to connect above the “diy house party” level. Or festival wooks.

Maybe after the holidays I’ll stumble upon something but it’s the 3rd time I’ve beem back home in a few years hah