Where Are You From?


I’m from/live in DC as well, nice to see so many of you on here :blush:


Newcastle too. Do you make music/play live or anything?


I used to, never got anywhere with it though, starting to dip back into it though, picked up a sampling drum machine (Toraiz SP-16) and a synth (OP-1) as well as an iPad with various music apps.

Years ago my friend owned a record shop so used to help out in there sometimes.


dc! I am deeply grateful the shows and parties being putting on here + the cool people behind them


Copenhagen, DK. Too old to know what’s going on.


Grew up in Rio de Janeiro and London, currently living in NY. Great scenes in both Rio (Selvagem, Comuna) and London but have been disappointed with NY.


House, techno, dnb, and the occasional bass music for the most part but sometimes we feature people that don’t fit in those categories. We pull from our friends and broader community a lot but I’d love to feature some up and comers from this community if any are interested. Trying to figure out how to find bedroom DJs with decent taste to get in there.


Grew up in rural Ohio college town (Wooster), went to college in Iowa (Grinnell), and been in Brooklyn since 2007. Got here when things started getting not-super-great but I also don’t think I’d live anywhere else. Been here long enough to have experienced getting shamed for having “French Kiss” come on during a noise show set break at the Silent Barn in 07 only to watch everyone in that room start making noise techno five years later to today where I rarely go out anymore because chances are the DJ will be shit and put me in a foul mood, so I stay home and mix and write about music;)


seems that I’m the first one from Vienna, AT here.

a few years ago it seemed as if the scene would pick up and maybe even turn the city into something like a Central European hub for dance music, but within one summer all those hopes collapsed like a house of cards under stricter terms, bureaucratic formalities and a shift within the scene. some clubs closed, while others backed away from booking international acts, leaving the city with mostly mainstream house or drum n bass parties during a greater portion of the year.


The Internet, mostly.

But sometimes the Outdoors. :vampire:‍♂️


Air Records by any chance?


from London but now living in Beijing


if anybody in lower WI in the states send me a signal so i can stop playing music in front of cows to scapegoat my desire to be around creative kin


No, my friends shop is looooooong gone these days, though anyone who was around in the 90’s probably visited there at least once.


New Zealand… one of the colder and quieter areas unfortunately, at least if I was up in Auckland I could actually go to some decent gigs


I’m from London, but now living in NYC after living in Miami for a few years.


Latvia, Liepaja. Pretty small city with no decent clubs here, and we mostly need to make the parties by ourselves, but things are a little better in the capital city (Riga).


I’m from Leipzig, Germany. There’s a lot going on here, but I don’t go to clubs and partys that often.
I sometimes write for a local music blog about electronic music in Leipig called www.frohfroh.de but it’s all in german, sorry … :smiley:

I wonder if we should do a thread about local underground musicans and DJs that deserve attention?



whats upppppppp


parents are from turkey but im london born and raised. sometimes i wish i was in a city with a small electronic scene as i exhausted myself raving from around 2011-16 and a lot of stuff coming out in last 2 years does nothing for me, hopefully hanging around here will change my mind. + i hate how london clubbing has essentially gotten rid of the misfits, so you know I’m not sad i don’t go out anymore. been digging back into my first love, 91-96 hardcore-jungle, and i have come to the conclusion that if a techno head references photek/source direct but finds bay b kane/kemet noise factory/3rd party gimmicky/cheesy we aren’t on the same wave length in erms of all electronic stuff. everything i listen to i compare to that sound.

rly into stuff like keith fullerton whitman/francois bayle/roland kayn/ekoplekz (circa intrusive incidentalz) and of course Autechre, funkiest whiteboys on the planet, believe.

i also really like rap/rnb, everything from rock marciano/westside gunn to mike will made it productions (tho that add voice he uses is gonna get super dated in 5 years.)