Where Are You From?


thank you. yeah the music scene in london is heavily biased towards the middle class. whole scene been gentrified since 2012


yes yes that is I, you in DC


NYC - I tour in Europe a lot and would be happy to meet some people particularly women that live in the cities I’m floating through. I briefly ran a message board for techno called suchasick.us but it failed b/c of bots and lack of traffic. Happy to see this here <3


originally from PG actually, but NYC now for some years

you still do events @ 930 club? I always wanted to get out to one of those when visiting home in the past


originally from NC but going to uni in St. Louis. haven’t seen anyone else from either place on this forum but fingers crossed!


Oh rad I love The Lot, whats your show? Also i’ve got a friend in town next week, will try and drop by that Jupiter show!


Mainly an Electribe and the Make Noise 0-Coast along with some other samplers and smaller drum machines. I’ll post something later in the appropriate thread haha


what kind of stuff do you guys put on?


Melbourne, Australia. Club scene here has been blooming lately. Corin has been my firm favourite for the last couple of years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-Zww6-s9ts


I do the Freak Terrains show, every other Friday 10-noon.


live off of the Olympic peninsula in Washington state - don’t go out much as the city is two hours out, but paradoxically listen to most music in a digital London …


Rio de Janeiro , Brazil

The city is flourishing with new parties and clubs, we are slowly getting there.

The middle-high class is the vanguard of this movement but I think the suburbs can wake up to more experimental and intelligent ways to have fun and stop with the awful psytrance parties and also educate themselves about staying healthy and respecting each other.

Huge problem around here is the state sistematically working with armed militia to keep people dumb so they keep voting on the same pieces of shit but thats just a small resume of the situation, the corruption here touches many spheres, too many bad things going on.

Thats also what makes me love techno parties so much. The protest, the angst… young people tired of the situation.


I live in Berlin. I won’t even begin to describe how much I enjoy the scene here.


I’m from DFW and we got some great venues, most especially It’ll Do Dallas!


Originally from a very small town in western Canada, but called Vancouver home for a handful of years until whatever scene was there lost the plot, ate itself then died, becoming too expensive for artists without a trust fund haha. Calling London home for the time being, always looking for new people to link up with here so holler if you’re in the London area!


Newcastle in the North East of the U.K.


Sydney here… Bondi Beach, specifically. I used to run clubs and now i’m old and just sit in my back room with my headphones on a lot. :cold_sweat:


Watford in the UK.

Bit of a cultural desert due to London being so close but wld be good to see some local events so I cld go out more often. I don’t have much money atm and travelling costs a ton.

All the local clubs are rly built to make ppl drink as much as possible. There used to be some good garage events & the first Eskimo Dance was here, but that’s all slightly before my time. Seems to have devolved mostly into mulch-house & reality star PAs.


spent a year living in Toulouse, didn’t find the scene till just as I left sadly.
Folklore doing some good things I hear


Live in Reykjavik, Iceland. From Chicago.