Where Are You From?


Los Angeles here. If you’re in town come say hi at our weekly dance night Loop at the Lexington Wednesdays in DTLA.


Originally from the DC area but been in Brooklyn for 8 years or so now. What up @snakehead and @colin


sup sup — ready for Powder at Nowadays on Friday! You been to that spot yet?


ay ay DMV squad ay

@seentwagg what part of brooklyn? Ive been living around the same few blocks of Bushwick around the Halsey L/J for like 7 years

@danielle I visited PGH last year to visit a buddy who’s doing his doctorate @ U pitt and rly liked it. reminds me of like an appalachian baltimore or something. Im gonna check out those names u mentioned, I was hoping to check some cool electronic shit when I was in town, but was only finding like hardcore/crusty stuff


@colin def doing Powder, Nowadays is probably my favorite spot in the city.

@snakehead i’m around the jefferson/dekalb L, definitely hitting up Jupiter and Bossa whenever I can.

Either of you play out? I just started doing live hardware sets, trying to figure out the scene beyond just DJ sets.


Hardly a utopia. Like everywhere else there are great and not so great aspects to London. It definitely does have a good music scene especially in breadth of music etc. However I feel like for example with clubs not only can the various individual scenes be a bit segregated from one another sometimes, but (with the exception of a few places) it can be quite sterile in atmosphere. But hey there are a ridiculous number of great events happening every week and there are always nice people to be found.


Yo nowadays is like down the block from me, nice spot.

I had a buddy that I would do hardware jams with and we did a couple party sets, but nothing much beyond that, tho I’d def like to. I purged most of my gear recently down to p much just ableton.

What’s ur live setup/style like?


The man himself. Should have known you’d be on here already!


I live in Dallas, Texas. The music scene is so-so here. There’s not much diversity when it comes to electronic music. The community generally gravitates toward house or techno, but there are small niche groups that are experimentalists and ambient artists.


Nice try NSA/CIA/MI6


Leeds, United Kingdom

Lucky to have two of the oldest and best clubs in the country. SubDub and Back2Basics. These happily cater for some of my major musical loves of dub reggae, jungle, house and tehcno. Also many fantastic smaller live music venues and clubs, notably The Brudnell Social Club. Lots of band events if that’s what your thing is, and this year is the first Inner City Electronic, put on by Ralph Lawson (Basics Resident) attracting a veritable who’s who of electronic music. Which sadly I’m going to be out of the country for… I unashamedly big up the music of my home city because it is often in the shadow of Liverpool, Manchester and even Sheffield. Music is in the very soul of the city.


LOL… Margate is not like a Shoreditch by the sea no matter how hard they try to “rebrand”. Shoreditch is pretty bleak now though.

I am living in Epping atm


London as social utopia is a new one on me. It is a great city, but as anywhere it has its problems. The music scene is pretty segregated at the moment, and largely dominated by a prevailing middle class, in part due the to dominance of the arts sector and an encroaching corporate presence. But that is another conversation.


Think it is less that Margate is bad (I quite like the place) rather that Shoreditch is become more and more dead with every tendril from the City of London that is slowly encroaching on the area. Nightlife especially suffering because XOYO etc just can be filled with suits & bankers really easily.


Oh, I was implying Shoreditch is shit tbh. London is increasingly becoming a monoculture with regard to nightlife.


@seentwag I’ve played here and there, but nothing too serious. It’s mostly just playing music with/for friends. Doing a one-off at Jupiter Disco next Thursday with some pals, and I do a bi-weekly radio show on The Lot for the label I work for.


Some areas of Margate are awful but we have a really decent art scene here and transmission records is awesome as is the burning witches records lot, really good synth records.


I am from PA work in Baltimore and do shows in DC, shoutout to all my east coast family :slight_smile:


From what I have heard there has been a push to gentrify Margate, and as rough as I know Margate can be, I am hoping it won’t ever turn into a middle class pseudo intellectual stomping ground. I am from Hastings originally, a long time ago, but it has had a big push towards middle class bourgeois pretensions. This means pop up shops, boutiques and moving the drop in centre for heroin addicts up the road to Bexhill. I am all for regeneration, but most of what is touted as regeneration these days ultimately amounts to enclaves of middle brow snobbery. What I have been told about Margate from mates is that it has largely amounted to a small area where the art gallery crowd are.


oh word you’re jerome as in jerome/classical trax? big up mid-atlantic fam. always a big fan of the rinse shows