Where Are You From?


Lisbon via Australia via Newcastle, UK

Moved to Lisbon about a month ago and finding the house and techno scene to be solely limited to Lux Fragil, in terms of booking internationals anyway. Did go to a fun Carpet and Snares night at Europa though.

Can someone tell me what else is up?


Milan seems to be great! Absolutely loved that Dozzy recording from Terraforma last year


Born and raised in The Hague, NL. Pretty shit scene here tbh, apart from this festival called Rewire there’s a massive amount of awful people who are more about copying things like De School than creating their own nice events. I’m more involved with the Utrecht scene at the moment, which is slowly coming into it’s own:)


Toulouse, south of France. The underground scene is pretty nice here, when you know where to go.


I’ll be in Shenzhen during August too, since I’m gonna start my design internship in OIL Club.


Hong Kong. gonna live in Shenzhen from late July to mid August.


Oh hell yeah! I follow Oil on wechat. I’m definitely going to check out some shows there


Brighton born and bread but moved to Bristol for the scene and uni and fell in love with the place. So much going on and feel Brighton nightlife has been stale for years now


Dublin, Ireland. Venue situation isn’t what it currently should be imo but plenty of great artists and promoters.

Big up DDR crew @adnhnrt!


Think the number of folks originally from the DC metro suburbs is funny. I’m originally a MoCo kid.


Yay for the Cosmic Sound and ALTARED love <3 Involved in both


Isn’t Roadburn in Netherlands?


Originally from MoCo MD, but I’ve been in Pittsburgh for the last 9 years. In fact I effectively live above @melanie a few days a week because of my partner :stuck_out_tongue: I like it because it’s good for my neuroscience PhD studies, cheap, and we’ve got a nice family of experimental electronic folks growing here for how relatively small the city is. S/Os to @Spednar and his Cosmic Sound Radio and Booking, Machine Girl, Morgantics, To Sleep at Night, J Butler, Autumn Pool, 8cyliner/Thac0 records, Tall Timber/Qancel, CLONING, Optia, a bunch more folks I’m surely forgetting, and of course Five Star Hotel :slight_smile:


Not that I know of…


Edinburgh via Belfast.

People tend to see Edinburgh as sitting in Glasgow’s shadow when it comes to nightlife and music, but it’s going through a purple patch at the minute for club music. Some great nights like Rhythm Machine, Teesh and Lionoil (which is a great label too). Shout out class venues like Sneaky Pete’s, Summerhall, Bongo Club :slight_smile:


Glasgow. Currently in Newcastle, sadly.


For those in London, is the social utopia about it real? Everyone livng with everyone and celebreating life in peace? What are the effects in musicals/art scenes?


yeah it is, can’t remember were though


I’m from Montreal Canada.

A tough place to put on events with lesser known DJs, but a great city otherwise. Mainstream house/techno is well served apparently, but I wouldn’t really know.


Fancy seeing you here lawd

I’m from Belfast, great scene for house/techno with lots of independent nights and AVA festival. Don’t get out as much as I’d like thanks to work but still seems to be thriving