Where Are You From?


I wasn’t aware of them actually - it’s right up my alley, good electro influence. Might ask around, must have mutual friends. Cheers for the recommendation!


I’m from Nijmegen, The Netherlands near the border of Germany.
There is one club called “Doornroosje” in Nijmegen. But there are a lot of party and festivals.
But the Netherlands is small so Amsterdam is close enough.


Cornwall, which is a very boring place to be these days


I’m from London originally but now living in Barcelona, trying to push underground music at the moment so if you are ever in town hit me up !!


man it was the most depressing 4 years of my life


doing k and nausing stacy with u was my only highlight


I’m from Brussels, a prettty vibrant music scene here, a lot of acts pass by, in big and small venues.


Peru but currently living in Ohio. Dayton/ Cincinnati sometimes have good shows. Genesis P. Orridge, Pharmakon, Jason Lescaleet, Keiji Haino have all played at the No Response Festival.


From western Kentucky. Lived in Lexington for a while now I’m back in Paducah. Lots of cool roots and folk festivals and I’m close enough to Nashville to hit tours.


Manchester. Great scene :sunglasses: Not enough great clubs


Hola man, how do you see the scene here in Barcelona? I think really interesting things are happening but probably nothing compared to London. Club Marabu moving to a place like Apolo is a good sign for sure.


Boise, Idaho. I imagine most of you Europeans couldnt even find it on a map. The club scene is very small, just a sparse amount of sets and techno is almost non-existent here

Biggest draw are the festivals out in the country. Plenty of drugs and dance music out there.


Hi folks, My name is Ryan Diduck. I’m in Montreal. There are several thriving scenes here, I’ve heard. I write about quality stuff from this city and beyond, so please hmu about what you are doing. Mainly here for dark minimal dance floor techno, crooked street, riotgrrl, grime, island vibes, weirdo arrhythmia, melodic drone, post-post-rock, early MIDI, smart books and articles about music, technology, and culture, radical politics and gud bantz :slight_smile: Thanks to the 555 for putting this thing together. Sincerely, RAD


To be fair I don’t think most Americans could find it on a map either. Idaho is uhhh…interesting I suppose.


Moving there in september! How is the rave/illegal parties scene?


Living in Berlin for 3 years now. pretty sure I’m going to stay for quite a while


From Berkeley, California
Living in Bend, Oregon

Theres no scene here, so plenty of time to practice spinning. Hoping to create something soon, even if it’s just a cafe patio on a Sunday afternoon. Portland has an up and coming scene, probably gonna see Objekt there next Fri. Seattle is great, I love Kremwerks. SF is fun but not the same as it used to be when I was just getting into the scene in the early 2000s. Festivals are always a good time, but can be incestual wormholes sound and taste wise. Just got back from Berlin for 4 weeks and New York for 1 so now my life will never be the same clubbing wise, already planning the next trip out in October.


Kinda like the idea of being on a forum that can’t be readily tied to the rest of my online presence but I will say I live in Detroit. Very musically conservative scene here but we get the occasional crazy party…


Glasgow. Great scene but feel like Sub Club has sold its soul a bit which saddens me. Great club but the whole culture of advance ticketing has been to its detriment. Gone are the days of changing your plans on a Saturday night and just appearing at the door. La Cheetah and Art School putting on the more interesting nights and SWG3 doing its best to fill the void left by the closure of The Arches.

Just realising my first post is a bit depressing. It’s really a great city for clubbing. Good after-hours scene as well.

Really happy that I’ve discovered this forum :blush:


Dublin, Ireland. Lots of amazing artists here. I don’t get out as much as I’d like (#dadlyfe) but there’s a great community here I think. Shouts to everyone at DDR!