Where Are You From?


Representing South Africa here, I’m from Johannesburg. Plenty happening here the major rap scene is pretty americanised but manages to bring about some integrity through the use of local languages. The electronic scene on the other hand is pretty dope. Kitcheners, Carfax and AND are just a few dope spots.


American living in Shanghai, China currently. Moving to Shenzhen in August.


Milan, Italy.
I’m pretty happy with live events here thanks to Club to Club festival and other smaller organisations (Macao, Trees, Terraforma, etc.) that manage to bring great artists (Italians and non) in the city!


Houston Texas
Great Bass scene with Gritsy and Jungle/Drum and Bass with Purrin Lion.
Some Ballroom stuff happening on the Eastside too…


Florida Project is lovely. I interviewed the director for my paper, great guy.


Nice to see another Miami guy here. Are you going to Yves Tumor at The Ground this weekend? I barely go out anymore but I’m excited to check him out, caught a bit of his set at III Points and loved it.


And the famous house sceen, isn’t it?
Also saw that Low End Theory crew went to Joburg last year, did you know about it?


Ah man, the house scene has always been huge, not too sure if you’ve heard of the genre gqom? It’s totally in vogue at the moment and it bangs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azU-Plw7YfU
I was actually at that Low End Theory event. Seeing Teebs in my face was surreal, had mndsgn and Peanut Butter Wolf around as well as Rival Consoles which was pretty dope.


Melbourne. More and more interesting artists are popping up here. I’m really in love with HTRK and can’t wait for their new LP.


Brisbane initially but the scene is lacking consistency and spaces willing to get involved outside the top 40 or triple j stranglehold. It does have potential though. Moved to London a few years ago and am now in Berlin exploiting as many youth visa’s as I can.


great! heard some sound of this kind thru friends, but dunno about what gqom genre is?

rad, u where at LET! I remeber there is a A Tribe Called Quest LET graffiti downtown jozi

I also saw Teebs live in Paris on a boat 2 or 3 year ago, so sweat


Which little nowhere town are you from? I’m originally from gross old Wigan…


Currently based in Reading, UK, which is a cultural deadzone due to being in proximity to London, but it looks like I’ll be moving to Manchester this summer


both florida project and tangerine locations look like amazing landscapes with honest people in it. iconic movies


Hiya mate. I’m originally from Runcorn, it’s a pretty bland industrial town but it’s where I’m from so I love it haha.


Hi mate. Do you know the North East label House Of The Leg? One of my current fave labels. Pretty varied roster so hard to describe it. Lots of good techno/idm type stuff.


My girl and I are very heavily considering it. Bunch of my mates are going so that provides a solid amount of peer pressure.


@asuka you loved brighton you fronter.
I live in Brighton and always have apart from 3 years in London at uni. Fuck england basically I wanna live in a frozen wasteland in a (wi-fi enabled) shack in Canada


I’m from Glasgow… pretty blessed for live music & clubs here especially for house/techno, although I don’t see as much as I should because of work.


Chicago now. OG from Ann Arbor.