Where Are You From?


Shoutout to Pittsburgh, I lived there for 6 years before I moved to the West Coast.
Seems like some really cool things going on there recently like Is/Was, Hot Mass, and In Training (which is Cleveland, but seems like they do PGH parties pretty regularly).


Pittsburgh is fun as hell. Cosmic Sound’s Altared series of shows have been pretty interesting from what I’ve been seeing.


@djml yea hot mass is great!! i’ve really enjoyed playing & hanging out in pitts in the past couple yrs which rly influenced my move

@empathicwindow cosmic sound!!! that’s my housemates gig hehe. they’ve been pulling really tite lineups for sure


I’m in San Francisco. @djml has a good read on the scene. It’s getting hot right now.


I’m from Newcastle, in the North-East of England. It’s pretty solid for electronic music, the genres overlap a bit here too which I like a lot. I’m vaguely getting back into playing out but even if I decide to hibernate again, always plenty on in a variety of venues - from DIY spaces like The Old Police House and Cobalt Studios, to bigger events in World HQ and Cosmic Ballroom.


New York City by way of Orlando, FL. Tons of fantastic promoters, club nights, and venues. It’s overwhelming and exhausting, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


Los Angeles here. Always lots of stuff coming through and the experimental / techno scenes are doing very well!


Just moved back to Bristol, UK.

Scenes pretty good here but TBH I haven’t gone out much since I moved back here so I dont have a great read on it RN.


Seems to be loads going on down there with that whole Livity Sound Wisdom Teeth sound. I can’t get enough of that stuff.


Yeah, Bristol seems to have a really specific sound when it comes to techno as well, would put Hodge, Tessela & Idle Hands more techy stuff into the ‘bristol soundsystem influenced’ techno category as well.


suburbain Paris’ Seine Saint Denis


originally from Paris but moved to Stockholm about half a year ago

things are getting interested here in Sweden with producers like Varg, the whole northern electronics crew, studio barnhus and so on; as of clubs i havent found anything too exciting yet but Paris was maybe just as boring in that sense (although obviously fascinating in many others)


Currently living in Washington, DC. The scene here is great compared to the flyover states I lived in previously.

Helena Hauff/Objekt and DJ Stingray are all playing here this weekend and you bet I’ll be there.


Hi from Paris
A lot of things happens here everyday, but just a few is musically interesting . If you know some great french/parisian electronic musician, let me know, cause I feel like surrounded by disco-ish house producers


Santiago, Chile! The scene is lit right here! a lot of good record labels and releases every week.


Did a public screening for a DVD release last mouth. Basicly trying to throw bridges between the sceens (Paris area, Detroit/LA/Portland, Lndn) looking for new places to screen


NZ’er monkey in Berlin. But living here for 8 years. Looooong time since I’ve been on a forum,
but I’ve witnessed some magical things happen / created in them, so here’s hoping!


hoi zameeee! wie gots?


Yeah, I’d prefer to keep my privacy so I’m gonna skip on this thread


From the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota.