Where Are You From?


man, I hope so. i’m trying to take in everything I can while I’m there, not to mention make some great music while i’m there. any advice on trying to get involved in the scene there?


The scene in Beijing? I’m not too sure haven’t lived there for a long while and things change quickly.

a good friend runs a bass music label called Unchained based in Shenzhen/HK. they are starting to make moves around China and greater asia. you can look them up on social media. also make sure to get wechat or whatever’s the latest Chinese social media too.

safe travels!


Oslo, Norway here.

The scene here is small but quite good. We get a lot of great international dj’s even though it’s quite a small city, and the local scene is getting really good, and that’s always interesting. Hope to see more Norwegians here eventually. I’ll spread the word!


Unchained is sick! My bud Sinistarr has a release with them, they’re putting out some very strong releases as of late.


glasgow, scotland

not much of a music scene here by the looks of things…


Sub Club? LuckyMe? idk man seems like Glasgow’s popping off quite a bit


I live in Paris since a few months. I just discover a new club called 1999 which is awesome, little and free for now. The club scene is doing really good in my point of view. There are all kinds of festival also, so pretty exciting !!


I just arrived here but if you have some other Paris-based events like this, please share !


The Hague, The Netherlands. Great electro-acoustics and noise scene here because of theee

                      Institute of Sonology.


Barcelona, Spain. Not really a club person to be honest. Originally I’m grown up in Torino, Italy. Just starting to play in parties and bars, maybe clubs some times soon.


Oakland here. Lived in SF & Philadelphia too. TheBay is def popping hard. Just saw DJ Earl last night


That’s crazy. I want to undo my preconception of Switzerland as a banker Disneyland.

Me, I’m from a place where they allow homeless people in clubs at night.


International DJs are like Papa John’s and Domino’s but at Norway prices.

At least you have Lidl and Aldi stores


LOL… but no we haven’t got Lidl or Aldi here in Norway. Mostly local brand stores here.