What frequencies you pumping atm


Yass! He is around Paris, saw him in club, so fresh


As if there was any question…LOTS OF BATU

Off the Timedance Patina Echoes sampler…album is a grower but once it hits, it hits HARD. I didn’t care for this rRoxymore track until I got it on vinyl and realized what a fucking face melter it is:

New XL record out today seems to beat the XL curse!

Also, for those of you who like Dabrye or Tadd Mullinix’s many other aliases, his new album as X-Altera is a savvy fusion of jungle and Detroit techno that, while a bit literal, makes one remember when there was once talk of the “130BPM Revolution.”

And for the token older jam…Italy’s Dynamic Wave with a fiercely melodic barnburner.


at the moment, Patronen A




Amsterdam-based German guitar whisperer Raphael Vanoli:

For fans of Skuli Sverisson, Johann Johannsson, Christian Fennesz and Hildur Gudnadottir.


Bumping—probably the wrong word here—this stuff today.


YES. Lots and lots and lots of BATU.


Hodge. This mix goes.


You know, I’ve always been hot-and-cold on Hodge as I think he exemplifies the more “tracky techno with bass” side of things BUT he also has devastatingly beautiful tracks like this one:

and this one:

and this one:



My fav: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3wNl66Dcjs


You know, I never listened to that EP cuz I was on the fence about Hodge until I really started digging into his catalog in the past 6 months and have a weird hang-up over Peder Mannerfelt…tho he’s interesting, no doubt.

Always enjoy this track tho it’s tough to mix as it never recuperates from its breakdown (but works GREAT with Bruce’s I’m Alright Mate).

Those kitty meows…talk about rudeness…


Hodge + Bruce is a fantastic double up.


And sorry to post so much, but was originally going to share my finds from the record shop today–2Bridges in NYC, if you live here and haven’t been or want to know where to go when you visit, well, best of luck to you staying on budget. I basically tithe 30-40% of income to that store…only place I’ve ever been that sells both the records and books I either want or should know about.

I KNOW I’m going to be kicking myself for not getting this, but it’s on the top of my list now…guess Lamont Booker is an American who moved to Germany ages ago and has focused on honing his own unique brand of house. Only did a needle drop listen, but sounded like one of the more impressive house records I’ve heard in a minute.

I’ll be making a thread focused on the Russian Gost Zvuk label and producers in ‘post-Soviet’ countries that have been blowing my mind alongside finding out about other producers in that region.

Nocow is an absolute beast. He makes muscular, sexy spoken word techno, hypnotic house, and romantic hinterland electronica…thrilled this album got a repress. He’s also responsible for the best Rekids release in…ever?

I scooped up the Italian Dream House comps on sight last year but had no idea another had been released last month…starting to actually buy the OG records, but will never have enough money to get them all so these comps are fantastic for what they are.

Also, new D’Arcangelo on Suction and that Delroy Edwards on LIES are sounding too good on this gorgeous, sunny day. Love this track from the latter…great set opener.

Recently came up on what I’ve taken to calling the ‘god box.’ Basically, the type of record score we all live for. Mostly IDM-inflected techno from 93-97…never listened to TitTonTon really despite many recommendations that I do so and his EP on Dan Curtin’s Metamorphic label is the thing that dreams are made of:

OK, will shut up now…so much music!!!


Yeah Delroy Edwards is the jam. If only more retro sounded like this the or at least my world would be a better place: https://youtu.be/mh6Pcb-WufI


New Prayer track gets better the more I listen to it:


Going off of Batu and that Eomac, this Joe Coghill is blowing my mind:


For those of you looking for something a bit more different and obscure, here’s a great track from Japanese experimental musician OORUTAICHI. If you enjoy a bit of Shabushabu or perhaps even a little bit of foodman, you may enjoy this lads top tunes. The album this song comes from as well as the one that came after it are on major streaming services iirc, so go have a gander.


Was listening to Atrocity Exhibition earlier today and the related music feature skipped to this. Album is alright, but this one track got in my head and hasn’t left – it’s just so fucking laid back. Might have been around for a few months now, but first I’m hearing it and it’s nice for a track to put a real, genuine smile on your face.

Can’t believe it’s the same guy who produced Ain’t It Funny.

Edit: That Trance Wax track is blinding


“pumping” this one for old time’s sake. came across it yesterday when I was going through an old playlist. if you wanna fall down this rabbit hole make sure to check out World’s End Girlfriend, Virgin Babylon Records and more KD #TT