What frequencies you pumping atm


Rediscovering Emptyset. I still prefer the older stuff but the latest record has some killer tracks on it: https://youtu.be/q_wQ-UTQUv0



Diskonnected and his closing set at Organik Festival is helping me get through this Friday at work


Paul White has some good stuff. I’m still a big fan of his first album, “The Strange Dreams of Paul White”, a good inclusion in that short but brief “wonky hip-hop and beats” thing around the turn of the decade.


I can’t get that new Ross from Friends single out of my mind these days

Dude’s been a little hit or miss with that lo-fi house sound but this just hits the right notes for me.


that’s a pretty dope tune, but the high frequency sound in the background drives me crazy. is that mixing or just lo-fi house?


Principe is unstoppable.




Beyond sick, how does she do it




ppl don’t want to acknowledge the link between 80s rnb and techno lol. their loss.




Been bumping a bunch of Höga Nord’s release this weekend.



Lots of William Onyeabor during brunch.



Always filled with so much emotion