What frequencies you pumping atm


Might as well get the ball rolling yeah?

So rn im drinking wine in bed listening to this

which reminds me all the best times I’ve spent at 1.30 pm drinking wine in bed tbh.

What y’all bumping?


Bare rating Whities at the moment, been listening to this tune a lot having a think and stuff


sounds like actress via hed kandi, which aint a bad thing.

aint followed much electronic music the past couple years tho cuz was without a laptop,
still need to go back over 4 years of house & techno haha


been smashing a lot releases on Diagonal records recently

this Not Waving album is sick and i’m all about this mega west mop convention footage


New one forthcoming on Nostro Hood System that I’ve been rinsing.


This new Grouper release is great, only 22mins long so perfect for short journeys on your ones


sounds like actress via hed kandi, which aint a bad thing.

ill take anything actress esque

anyway just been listenin to a lot of this kinda sh**


been meaning to get round to a proper listen of this! will defo be a headphone session later, thanks for the reminder !!


been playing this in the whip sun blazing


interested to hear ppls opinions on this one tbh.

grouper kinda feels like burial to me in that her best works (dragging a dead deer & ruins) are one of a kind
and anything else she makes i hold up to that standard

just waiting for the right depressing moment to for grid of points to connect


DJ Normal 4 - Gazer

Absolutely loving everything this guy does. This whole melding together of techno and breaks atm (and i guess has been goin for a while) is amazing atm, shouts to Skee Mask and Ernestus Sadau too


The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me

Absolute classic track from an absolutely classic album. Considering how much I adore this album as well as Elecktroids, I really should sit down with some Drexciya albums some time.


Yh she’s pretty untouchable tbh, not found anything that evokes emotion for me as much as her work lately


Actress via Hed Kandi had me immediately, listening now!

Also good luck with the 4 years of house and techno, so much good stuff coming out these days…


Newest Hessle came out today, really feeling this: Joy’s rubbery minimal with Ben’s weird saxophone/carhorn.

Mixes quite well with this classic I think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzwzwfPSqhk


i’m in to it.
Transition 2 is the one for me.


the artwork for that is sick u should def reach henry for art on yr next release man

lol you know i booked ernestus sadau for that cafe 1001 with source direct

also alternating between these moods today


have you not heard any before!?

everything in that universe is a must tbh. most recent dopplereffekt album and check the drexciya clone reissue series if u wanna dip your toes in


this and all of paradoxe club


also from Ben…