What frequencies you pumping atm


I think there’s a whole thread on this album. Forgot about it though so thanks for posting.


not surprised! been studying it pretty closely. really really well done record. no skips for me!


enjoying some cheesy indulgent luke vibert stuff


Embracing the Dystopia


def one of my classics of the past 5 years, one i always return to and have found to be super versatile in when and where i can play it out!



She’s incredible - breaks and sultry sounds into the watery psychedelic deep end with fairy trance sprinkles all throughout


Devo was right. We’re devolving. Perfect music for the election cycle. Into the darkness we drop…


booji boy 4 president


eclectic sunday afternoon house cleaning type shit


Blown away by this new Sophie Loizou album https://sophialoizou.bandcamp.com/album/untold


this is some of the best eletroacustic work ive heard in a while