What frequencies you pumping atm


Whole ep is worth a listen if you’ve got some time the production is ridiculously good




what a well mixed record. fascinating structure also


Don’t know too much of these guys but I came across this record back when it originally came out and recently re-discovered it. Really great stuff, quite a mixed bag of different styles. Highly recommend checking it


Stunning track…


Paula Temple mixing Lorn into some heavy tech, something I ain’t seen before and most definitely not that last time…

https://youtu.be/NY23tzmnWgY?list=LL&t=806 – the mix

https://youtu.be/80AMb2hq9PA?list=LL&t=98 – The original Lorn/Dolor track

https://youtu.be/xARXxUDmQ7Q?list=LL – The original tech track