What frequencies you pumping atm


Definitely one of the best tracks of late last year. Such an incredible amount of discovery, imagination, and wonder that’s really hard to find nowadays.


The sound they made 25 years ago defines the world I live in now :flushed:


Tectonic takeover sunday!



Killer mix of The Cancel



On Repeat Nightly



Yooo was just listening to Master Your High the other night, great album! Been going thru the Freestyle Fellowship and Haiku d’Etat stuff too…:fist:t3::raised_hands:t3::pray:t3:



New MIA track on her Patreon


incredible set



Found this track last November. So mournful yet so bright.

Going through Lorn’s discography, almost all of his stuff is dark and moody, and this is one of the rare tracks that manages to sound “positive”, lack of a better phrase. I interpreted some not likely true meaning: music production itself is a timesink (not necessarily with a negative connotation) and for one to be proficient and experienced you have to spend a lot of time on it. And judging by Lorn’s moody beats, music production is a timesink he’s found solace in. :slight_smile:


I‘ve been obsessed with this recently. Kind of an RnB / RnG style edit but with a garage-y vibe.


@str_apx sick! The loveliest garage tracks always seem to come out around springtime.

Found out about this track a month ago. I felt so deeply entranced yet saddened, because it made me feel like my life so far was flashing before my eyes and I was slowly losing myself. Deep stuff :joy: The climax of the track at 3:20 wants to make me cry.





been listening to the new bladee project recently. It feels like the perfect songs to listen to in lieu of springtime locked away inside doors.



I’m enjoying diving into this label https://outlineslabel.bandcamp.com/


record has been out for a while so I"m sure its been discussed here, but new to me:

Came up as a spotify recommendation randomly and really caught my ear