What frequencies you pumping atm


very very bait, but i love it. Sorrow is a perfect combination of (genuine) strains of the UK hardcore continuum leaning towards dubstep/garage, & very basic and bait “chill vibes” Youtube channels who have followers consisting of EDM kiddies… (I hope I’m being clear with what I’m talking about)

To quote CFCF from his press release from his most recent album, “it’s dripping with undeniable life and sincerity”.


M Beat (1993)



Batfinks - Ten (Omission Sound)

Dunno what to call this genre but its dark, sparse, sorta IDM stuff going on. One of my favorites that apparently not a lot of people have picked up on. Whole record is nice.



Really liking the new Raime EP right now

Been a big fan of what they’ve been doing post “Tooth” LP.


really pumped to see Stellar OM Source releasing new tunes…