What frequencies you pumping atm


I come back to this every month or so.


This recent liveset from the best acid/techno act in ages:



old Recloose on Planet E from 1999


Was going to start a thread on this, but might as well go here…the new samples for the third Livity Sound 12 to come out this year hit the webs Monday and hollllly cow, that label is on serious fire this year.

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty let down by the label’s output last year, finding both Forest Drive West records a tad dull, not loving (but not hating) Pev’s LP, nor did I feel this Laurel Halo ghost-authored 12:

(though to be fair, if I had had the money to buy this twelve, I would have as these are the kinds of tools I look for…just didn’t blow my mind and when I found out the author, only doubled my sense of disappointment…though I’m being way overly harsh here tbh).

I did fucking dig the Hodge, Mosca, and especially the Simo Cell releases from last year and can’t recommend those enough.




this track is insane


@Yung_Dave oh, you thought that was gonna be the drop? nope that’s gonna be a jazz interlude. here’s the drop…:confetti_ball::tada::gift:


not my style but respect the creativty of the aux cord rip out psych out pre drop


JMS Khosah and JR Chaparro, allegedly, on NCA.
Nice work!


brilliance from the Udacha camp from 2015

discogs : https://www.discogs.com/Untitled-Gear-Music-From-The-Second-Floor/release/6574966


Heavily into this new one on Constellation https://automatisme.bandcamp.com/album/transit



Been listening to this banger semi regularly since late last year / early this year.




If you are looking into the work of Marcus Popp this cannot be ignored. Desert island disc #1 for me.

Here’s something I’ve been often jamming for solo late night after work dance party zones.


on 1st listen I reckon it is a little dull as well like those others you mentioned… Just feel they don’t excite me like previous years – it’s not really dance-able, or euphoric like so many mad Pev tunes, or even hypnotising/rollage stuff…

i’d love to love it but can’t really recently


@Soup_Purse totally forgot about the SO record. thanks for the reminder!