What frequencies you pumping atm


So hyped for the Sinjin Hawke + Zora Jones EP on Planet Mu


Been on this one for a minute now, really love this whole album…


I’ve had this track on nonstop repeat for the last two days. total Rustie rip-off but so banging and triumphant. :trophy::postal_horn:




these songs are nearly identical


man I’m heavily into that Wahono stuff. Just ordered the 12 from Juno.


back visiting Objekt’s Kern mix recently - loving this edit from it. carnage >>>


Helena Hauff’s Mixmag mix got me hooked on to a new label for me - Private Persons

Late to the party but some really interesting shiz


Oh snap! Didn’t know Quirke had released new material.


Heard this for the first time on the bala club trance party special on nts the other month, bit annoyed I’ve never heard it before as quite partial to detroit techno. There’s always something new out there :raised_hands:


oh fuck i remember getting this on a mix when i was 18 along with a buncha baltimore and jersey club. thanks for the timewarp!



Everything by DIE is class but this sure is a special one


https://soundcloud.com/differentcircles/raime-am-i-using-content-or-is-content-using-me-diff008-preview this EP from Raime on Mumdance’s different circles is really good. spacious, forward thinking.



one of my favorite songs i’ve come across in the past ten years…every member of this band is completely self taught…always blown away by the journey this song takes me on, as it changes, deepens, complexifies with time


this new renick bell is pretty wild - got a lot of tropes that i find tiresome elsewhere, but there’s enough different going on that it works well to my ears. artwork is ace too


Really into the new Chevel double EP https://enklav.bandcamp.com/album/in-a-rush-and-mercurial. Track 1 and track 5 are standouts for me.


amazing track


also enjoying this one a lot, enjoying this discovery :ok_hand: