What frequencies you pumping atm


that telectu thing that principe recently excavated
i bought it from honest jons, oblivious, thinking i’d stumbled across some retro-futurist avant garde shit that had recorded last week!


just posted the Beem album in the Skweee-thread but I have to post this one here too because … the groove! :drum::boom::sparkles::flushed:


highlight for me is the dr octagon photek remix around 45:00


Obsessed with this. On repeat for days.


This ~10 minute down-the-rabbit-hole journey


really excited for this release, chrissy is a beast


such a fuckin belter


aye it really is, I’ve had the melody stuck in my head at least once a day since I first heard it.

“Oh no!”


haha yeah man one of those ones that ye get down on it





I find it amazing how Forest Drive West is a well known name in both the drum and bass scene & techno scene, with releases on Rupture and Livity Sound (respectively). I don’t know any other producer who bounces between styles and scenes so flawlessly like that.



love what this cat is doing


New Tsuruda!


this track omg


This Dog and Fox track that finally got put out on Charlie bones’ label Do You Records this month is something special, always coming back to it.


Was listening to some Joachim Spieth and discovered this beauty of an album. Suprised that a lot of the songs on here still hold up quite well.