What frequencies you pumping atm


yeah i really love his stuff that’s in this style around 2000s when LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad and Liquid DNB was a big thing. got me into raving as a underground hip hop loving backpacker teen…EDC at the Queen Mary and NOS events center n shit like that if anyone else came up in Los Angeles

“humanity” and its many remix versions are some of my favorite gerald tracks…the build and the bass of the original is incredible imo

for LTJ and Conrad this is the one. 1998…step by step by step by step…

also Gerald’s show on Rinse can be awesome too


fuck me this track bangs


enjoyed that alright!

been listening to lots of old sasha this week.


Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve last listened to this one. Classic.


wow. throwbacks in retrograde :wink:


heard this the other day on King Britt’s program. not normally my sort of thing but it’s really harmonically complex and lovely.


Enjoying this set by Rian Treanor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qeeF8jFESg - total bonkers.


I’m still going deep on this album. Listen to it a lot and barely feel like I’ve scratched the surface. Sakamoto really goes somewhere different here, sideways in time. It makes me think of the film “Wings of Honneamise” (which Sakamoto also soundtracked).


never really had any interest in Sakamoto before but I’m enjoying this. especially savoring the little passing chords he throws into his progressions, which I feel is a very “Western” approach to harmony and cool that he tips his hat to that.



new hitmakerchinx



M8, just put that vid at the top of a review round-up I’m writing…watched it the other night, utter madness. That RAVEDIT disc is something I’m too excited to grab.

Despite being on a record-buying hiatus, a recommendation and a chance encounter led to me snagging the new Tribe of Colin, an artist I clearly need to start paying more attention to…he put out that Docile record on Trilogy earlier this year alongside John T. Gast.

Parts of it made me think of some of the beats I heard from the dude who runs this label, including some cuts from this Indonesian producer Wahono who’s suddenly popped up on my radar a few times in the past month.

Stoked to see the new Via Maris on Livity Sound up…“Glow Wall” is my song of summer. Well, that and “Shootas”…this link is hilarious as while it’s actually a Playboy Cardi song, it’s really all about that Uzi verse.

But if you dig that Via Maris, hugely suggest you check out the new Laksa on Ilian. Serious bizness.



cot damn this is slamming!


wait, which king britt program is this? saw him at Deep Space last month…fell in love with him via the Fhloston Paradigm material actually. The Phoenix is one of my favorite albums of this decade.


@zurkonic yeah, he does this great show called Transmissions on Red Bull Radio. such a great selector…

first time I ever came across King Britt was on this comp waaay back in the day. did a super fun cover of Nu Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait” under his Sylk 130 alias :slight_smile:


wow that cover is amazing thank you!

for anyone else interested



Lone, this absolute genius who manages to impress me every. single. time.