What frequencies you pumping atm



Did two massive round-ups of all the twelves I’ve been feeling the past two months over at my site as posting it here would take up half the page.




more recent output, really hope these gents get the reach they deserve.



RIYL Kara Lis-Coverdale & LXV…





havent heard this before, digging it. getting mssingno vibes from the synths


really rate the zero shift track off that ep as well, absolute heater.


love the majority of wen’s output. this records a definite pre-order for me


This track is just utterly wrecking me, Livity is on a serious rebound this year so far:

Was completely unaware of the Club No-No axis until recently and now I want all their records…NOW;)

Feel like he would have been mentioned already but I can’t see any posts with Brainwalzera…tho maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Was basking in the Actress track on the shockingly good new Modeselektion comp and this came on after and we were FLOORED:

The homie Gaunt actually got me to scope the new Omar-S—I usually do one big buy directly from him a year as it’s WAY more cost-efficient and he hooks it up.

Shared ED004 in the Gotta Track? thread, but this one…I heard this at 3am during a Blazer Soundsystem party (a solid dub DJ duo in NYC) and Nathan (who was in Excepter, a favorite of mind) dropped the A1 so nicely…got the record the next day. Whether it’s as DJ Python, Wey, or Xanax, Brian Piñyero actually has them skills.

And fuck it, the DJ Osom record Albert did last year is the other highlight on the label imo…and the one I don’t have:(



Are familiar with this Dutch collective?


blown away by this one


@zurkonic c’mon, I don’t believe you were “shocked” that a Modeselektor comp was banging :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey, I’m allowed to be hyperbolic once every blue moon…or is it that I’m not hyperbolic only during a blue moon?

And for the record, that first EP is still a favorite…if I ever see a copy, I will buy it and play “Turn Deaf” as much as I did 11 years ago;)


just picked up 4Hero’s Parallel Universe a few weeks ago! totally wonderful.




Been really enjoying this album on these warm summer evenings. I love the sound of his drums and percussion. I’m not a massive Jungle/dnb-head tbf but this record sounds really unique to me.