What frequencies you pumping atm


dug this outta the dollar bins this week…


Dale Cornish - Acotxador (Anòmia)
Dale Cornish - Cut Sleeve (Halcyon Veil)
PARSA - گشتالت (FLUF)
N1L - 山卂ㄒ乇尺 爪乇爪ㄖ尺ㄚ(Opal Tapes)
Eliane Radigue ‎– Adnos I (Table Of The Elements)
Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak (Basic Channel)
Miles Davis* - In a Silent Way (Columbia)

*Special European mix by Kilometres Davis.


Like to speed this one up to high 120s and enjoy a few minutes of euphoric indulgence - the compilation is also very sick, interesting range of hardcore, baile funk, trancey stuff


These two flippin’ brilliant albums back on heavy rotation. Wouldn’t say no to a third.






Wow Papa M, I almost forgot about him. That’s from one of my all time favourite albums.


Same here, amazing album! Mogwai did a really nice piano cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUSJ-l1o7IU


bumping this today…



It’s very hot here in central California…so I’ve been feeling this hot Texas psych


good ol’ Bubble Pup…


Something about this particular song just completely blows me away. The drums are perfect.



the first two minutes of dj crystl’s warpdrive


Yes Moesha13 :woman_genie:


The last couple of episodes of Luke Cage S2 got me blasting 36 Chambers. ODB’s verse on Chessboxing is one of my favourite verses of anything, ever.


Really looking forward to the new Wen album so digging deep into this album launch mix on RinseFM from Wen and Parris



also loving this new release today. CLUBKELLY always brings the goods.