What frequencies you pumping atm


New Tierra Whack! The short tracks look gimicky on paper but it works really well.


This really caught my attention, and now I have some new music to check out too! Just have to get past the curiosity of “is that organic material, and if it is then why are they putting wall plugs into it” first.


Did anyone cop DJ LAG - “Trip to New York” a few months back? The DL has expired everywhere I’ve looked…

thanks in advance and if you haven’t heard it yet the Okzharp remix of Khonkolo is the future

edit: actually, entire EP is the future



Whoooooa, this is so good, thanks…adding it to this piece!


diggin’ this label’s stuff lately


one of my favourite producers out there atm, completely overlooked АЛ-90. this guy had one of the best albums of 2015 with his lo-fi house КОД​-​915913 cassette tape.


Really like this new EP by Sagat. Not sure if he’s very known outside of Belgium, but this release is killer.


Been really digging this mix. If you like Jeremy Underground you should check it.


If you listen to Quirke, I recc that you listen to Break a Mirrored Leg and the Acid Beth EP he released.


Been listening to the new Black Dresses release, WASTEISOLATION. This is probably my favourite song from the album atm, but it’s all just stunning noise pop.


been listening to the new HTRK song on repeat for the last half hour


This song and its various versions on the soundtrack will always be one of my favourites:


These two recent jazz LPs are on heavy rotation at home:

Especially loving the flute-lead pieces on Shamal Wind.

And walking to work I’m rinsing Deftones’ White Pony, soundtracking my summers since 2000AD.


was initialy distributed via wattsap, silk!


I find those bits v hard to watch ha


Big up White Pony, terrifying how well that record’s aged. Still stands up.


@shortwavestatic @Petey phenomenal record


this is like a slightly poppier/accessible Amnesia Scanner or something, woahhhh


The new Low https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvEozu4Obfs