What are you watching?


just finished travelers on netflix - not bad. 7/10

letterkenny is a show well worth watching

canadian and similar to trailerpark boys but much better written and shot. and also fucking hilarious

started watching the bluebook chronicles last night. totally stupid but fun telly.


got the remastered hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy tv series on dvd so gonna be watching that + the extras for a bit i guess.


getting through Roma, it’s lovely


Have watched these lately, and can recommend all of them.


Just watched Spiderverse. Best animated film I’ve ever seen, it pushes the medium almost to its limits. Loved every second of it.


Nobody has mentioned True Detective or Game of Thrones…?

True Detective is currently in it’s third season, but each season is a completely new storyline with new characters. Absolutely recommended, with the first season being some of the best TV I’ve ever seen.

Game of Thrones is almost as strong as ever after 7 seasons, and that alone is a feat in itself.


Other great shows I’ve just finished are Sharp Objects, Patrick Melrose and surprisingly enough I really enjoyed the first season of The Punisher! Look forward to season two that was just released.


whats this one called?

I finished the Deuce recently and looking for something to watch.


Anyone watching Mindhunter? Great characters, well written script, fantastic references to real history.


true detective… what a fantastic series. Season 2 was a bit of a let down, but man this third season is truly captivating. I love the way they transition through time T.T


Watching High Maintenance on HBO at the moment. It’s excellent! Highly recommended.


Watched Border 2018 the other day, loved it

'Possibly controversial answer here - The Big Bang Theory. While the actual humour in it is almost entirely boilerplate and rarely funny, the metatextual parodic deconstruction of toxic stereotypes, such as the beta male Indian nerd or the blonde female bimbo who can’t comprehend science or even the idea that ‘hard science’ like physics can be understood by men only makes it worth suffering through the inane joke attempts for me.`

I think about this comment and how fucking lame it is quite often






glad that guy doesn’t seem to go here anymore eh?


kinda wish they did honestly lol


Vox Lux was great, a challenging yet ultimately rewarding film. love brady corbet’s credit scroll sequences


I’m currently watching The Sopranos for the first time. Absolutely a must watch if you haven’t


I loved Vox Lux! I wasn’t prepared for what it was gonna be


ive seen all the seasons. its unanimous s1 is GOAT. i never thought s2 was that bad, it was just OK if anything, but i rewatched it recently after watching s3 and i think it is just as good as s1. which is a lot considering i thing s1 is some of the best television ever. and im about to dump a giant essay on TRUDETECTIVE cuz its been on my mind a lot lately. this is the only communal website i visit so im purging

i need to rewatch s3 to garner more thorough thoughts, but i think s3 is by far the worst one. i classify it what i would call a ‘trans show’ - its soul is stuck in the body of a show that is completely disparate from its purpose. i.e. the show is trying to have a romantic, poignant, beguiling aura but fails when its in the body of a show based on grit, vice, and investigation

the ‘action scenes’ are about as tense as a friends episode, the show spends way too much time on the case and investigating clues that really dont reflect the direction the show goes, has too many self referential red herrings that are only explicit to the eyes of someone with knowing previous seasons. one of the best thing true detective does is making 8 episodes about as fulfilling as 5 seasons, with continuous progression and memorable scenes that make episodes stick out. all i remember is the native american kamikaze and getting picked up by spooky hoyt, both of which are the tense ‘climaxes’ of the show and are disney compared to other seasons in terms of excitement and tension

i could go on with things like that, but about the ‘trans shell’ its fitting into, one thing i was continuously bothered by is how these characters are always speaking in that low 2010s acting rasp (that i think well all retrospectively look back as being particular to this cultures era) but its supposed to be a drama based on emotions that arent completely based on pain and sin as per past seasons. people dont speak or act like that when talking to lovers, friends and whatever. its annoying as hell and even velcoro in s2 had more inflection in his cadence than mahaersha’s character

without ranting too hard on the next thing, s2 i think is an incredibly weaved complex web of power, ethics, and relationships that, like s1’s magic, reflect so aptly the environment that conquers the season. its criminal how panned it is, i need a lawyer