What are you watching?


This could be anything, but perhaps your music (culture) related suggestions are especially welcome here.


I keep coming back to this one, from director Daisy Zhou, with ballroom icon Leiomy Maldonado for Nike: https://vimeo.com/222617426


I can’t recommend the Brazilian sci-fi 3% enough. It’s on Netflix and blows other serialised sci-fi, most of which is wrapped around a colonial trope, out the water.

Series 1 digs into the fact that meritocracy is an illusion under capitalism etc, and intros the characters. Series 2 is a nuanced exploration of power dynamics, data exploitation, and the deliberate warping of history.


ay real talk, who else thinks famoly guy is trash now? pains me to say but the show’s best seasons are, as t’were, in the proverbial past.


not gonna lie, my wife and i watched all of “Claws” in a single sitting. pretty fun.


The new recut of Arrested Development Season 4 is brilliant. Infinitely more watchable, much less of a grind.

Can’t wait for Season 5 at the end of the month!


short film we did with dakim about the futur of human bein: eating light https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9J7o5SYCAs


Otherwise sens8, Utopia, Trespass Against Us, Bakara&Samsara


Possibly controversial answer here - The Big Bang Theory. While the actual humour in it is almost entirely boilerplate and rarely funny, the metatextual parodic deconstruction of toxic stereotypes, such as the beta male Indian nerd or the blonde female bimbo who can’t comprehend science or even the idea that ‘hard science’ like physics can be understood by men only makes it worth suffering through the inane joke attempts for me.


I binged The Terror a couple of days ago and I have to say it’s one of the best shows made to date, let alone that I’ve seen. Devastating journey that will leave you with a sense of dread and desolation.


^ Terror is quite good, yet to finish the last episode. Cornelius Hickey is great casting, what an unlikable character.


This sounds right up my street. Hopefully available on Netflix in the UK.


Nice one. Will definitely watch this after work. Big fan of Leaving Records


Started my second viewing of Breaking Bad. It’s even better the second time and there are always those little things that makes you go “oh shit i completely forgot that part, yes!”

And i started the 4th season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I’m not into Comedyshows that much, but this is gold


The entire cast did an excellent job of performances all around, but Hickey’s was jaw-dropping.
First time I’ve seen that guy on the screen and I was speechless by the end. Really really hope to see him get the recognition he deserves.


Yep it is! Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


I’m a huge fan of old genre films from like 70’s-80’s, the video nasty era, that shit but good vibe. Recently was recommended a film called Terrifier - which is kinda like a homage to those films and I think it nails it from the mindless gore to the bad acting, thoroughly enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons


There is something so warm about B99, the characters really draw you in. I see a lot on Twitter calling for Andre Braugher to win an Emmy, and he flippin’ well should.


My two essential shows right now are The Expanse, for big explodey spaceships and gory murder, and Steven Universe, for the big warm fuzzies and one of the most exciting plot arcs (and recent reveals) going right now. And also the odd big explodey spaceship, but that’s by-the-by.


WestWorld, rewatching Twin Peaks Season 3, Chapelles Show

Movie wise its been La Haine (which I learned about from Midland’s ambient mix), Leon (The Professional) directors cut, and Blade Runner 2049

In the cue is more WestWorld, Shutter Island, Glengarry Glen Ross, and Naked Lunch

Also debating getting into Handmaid’s Tale season 2. Shits inteeeense so may wait til I’m through this WestWorld cus the combo of the two might overload me. Gotta be careful dosing that TV dopamine juice…