What are you watching?


second on Atlanta- s02 had some fantastically wig frying moments, DGs body of work keeps getting better, sleeker, more poignant and just better!


i really, really love summer camp island, idc what anyone thinks about it. Then again I’ve been getting back into the CN fandom again which has been really great for my mental health as well lol.


enjoyed Line Of Duty a lot too!


Quite enjoying The Sinner. Bill Pullman is great in it. My closest comparison would be with True Detective.


Ozark (Netflix) and The Deuce (HBO) are both releasing their second series over the coming weeks which makes it a perfect time to watch the first series of each show.

On the surface, Ozark looks like a typical piece of genre TV but it is pretty distinct in terms of quality and has a lot going for it.

The Deuce is a David Simon joint and so instantly qualifies for anybody’s attention.


The Deuce is currently the best thing on tv next to Better Call Saul. Looking forward to its second season.


have seen season one of both and I second this - looking forward to the new seasons!!


I seriously liked the first season of Ozark. It is really well done imo, and it is filled with suspenseful moments.

I just started watching Castle Rock, a Stephen King adaption by Netlfix(?). So far, so good.


Just started killing eve last night. Liked the first episode


Coonskin by Ralph Bakshi (1975)


Did you watch Bodyguard? Same level of suspense. Very enjoyable


Anyone here watching/ed Maniac? Really would do with a little feedback before I decide to get invested.


nope I haven’t, I’ll check it out now though - thanks!


I’ve been watching a comedy show called ‘Nirvanna The Band, The Show’
It’s about a hapless pair of friends who, each episode, hatch a plan to get a gig for their band at the local bar.

They incorporate a bit of hidden camera stuff involving unwitting members of the public and lots of improvisation.
It’s charm is due to the two main characters Matt and Jay who are really lovable.

It was shown on Viceland TV for two seasons and never shown again. Apparently the fate of the show is now in limbo. I can only speculate that it’s because they stretch the limits of Fair Use, for example using footage from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Maybe no network wants the hassle of dealing with that.

A load of full episodes are online though and can be found with a quick search.

Definitely recommended, maybe a bit un-P.C in places so bear that in mind and there’s loads of 80s 90s references so bear that in mind too. I think it’s very funny though.

Anyone else seen it?


Shigurui is on Netflix. Why in the hell since 2007 more than season 1 had been anime adapted.


watched this for the first time last week; a short filmed in a lift of a block in East London over two months:

it’s absolutely incredible, human, devastating, hilarious, tragic… a real short masterpiece


was captivated by this, wasn’t expecting to stick with it all the way through.


dancing between 2 movies at the moment because attention span is :full_moon_with_face:

R100 and The Wild Pear Tree. the former is intensely weird and slightly uncomfortable 2 watch


r100 is amazing but definitely weird

hitoshi matsumoto is one of my favourites though

big man japan and symbol are two of the best films i have ever seen


oh nice, didn’t know it was from the big man japan man. that’s one i’ve been meaning to check out. the bloating face scenes in R100 defy everything.