What are you watching?


Lost is testament to the adage that the journey is more important than the destination. I await your appraisal of the final episode with some degree of interest


No love for The Handmaid’s Tale? It’s a bleak dystopia (yet set in a very unique setting, not a typical post-collapse scenario), shot beautifully and with some great music. 2nd season currently ongoing. Highly, highly recommended. I’d include a trailer, but it has lots of spoilers so I’d just go straight into it.


Atlanta is faultless, Series 2 had a couple of incredible episodes in my view, currently watching Trust which is based on the Getty kidnapping and superior to the recent film on the same topic.


Yeah, I can happily second this. Brilliant book too. And the series doesn’t stray too far from the source material. Feels all horribly plausable right now too.


Also watching for the third time with my brother (his first time). Easily my favourite show of all time, and I’m not normally decisive abt that kind of thing.


Sopranos for third time.
Enjoyed Halt & Catch Fire.
Really enjoying Westworld, lots of weird philosophy of mind stuff going on there.


“You’re not gonna believe this. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. The guy was an interior decorator.”


Loving the second season of Westworld, that 3rd episode was a wild ride!
Also watched “this is Englang” the other night and can’t recomend it enough!


Literally watched that one yesterday! So good.


The first season of Killing Eve, which just ended, was so great. It was fun and sexy and incredibly well-written and acted. Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who also wrote Fleabag) has created yet another wickedly fun piece of television. It is now available for binging via BBCAmerica’s app or website.


got a “reeling in the years: the 1970s” dvd for near nothing, lots of fantastic footage of both well known and forgotten news stories. irish focus so there’s some truly horrifying sectarian violence thrown in between the ads for slimline tonic and footage of the granard wall of death.


Was really impressed with this show at first, but I felt like it gradually lost steam as it went on. Still watching though, and a very good series either way.


Started season 5 of arrested development and two episodes in I really feel they’ve lost it. In the middle of a rewatch and seasons 1 and 2 are so good it really shows the difference.

Also watching Handmaid’s Tale season 2, it’s getting more and more messed up.

Has anyone watched Evil Genius? New documentary on Netflix from the people who brought you Wild Wild Country. It’s… wild.


Controversial opinion, but I really think Arrested Development was only ever just okay. Tony Hale is the best thing about it, but I think he topped Buster with Gary in Veep.

I wish Alia Shawkat was in more things, though, she’s fantastic.


I’ll echo many of the previous posters in saying that Atlanta is really great and one of the best things on TV currently… saying that, not sure if I enjoyed the most recent season as much as the first. Seemed more introverted and I felt that one the biggest strengths of the first season was the interactions between the characters. Writing and performances still top notch though. Will definitely give it a rewatch in the immediate future, hopefully with others so I can gain a different perspective. Perhaps the shift towards a more serious tone caught me off guard. Totally open to being wrong and having to eat my criticisms.

Enjoying the Handmaid’s Tale, though it seems to be going in circles a bit. Still plenty of moments that hit you straight in the gut and Elizabeth Moss is so so so good.

Best new show I’ve seen this so far this year is Killing Eve. Very compelling and a lot of subtle subtexts to read into. Kinda ridiculous that one of the best British shows in recent hasn’t even aired here yet though.


I binged the new Arrested Development to get it over with, have to agree they’ve lost it. I only laughed twice throughout all eight episodes. Really worried this is becoming a sort of live-action Spongebob situation where it’s good for a few years in the 2000s and they never let it die.

Alia Shawkat is the best part now tho, would love to just see a show of her running scams.


Sad to hear about Arrested Development, I was looking forward to that hoping it would be a return to form after I couldn’t get on with the fourth series at all. I haven’t watched the re-cut of that one though. What particularly about it are people finding less good? Are the jokes just not landing? Is there a lack of enthusiasm from the actors?


For me it’s mostly the jokes falling flat, but the plot has just gotten so convoluted that it bores the hell out of me trying to keep up.


If you have any predilection towards dark, slightly miserable, fully grim comedy then I can’t recommend ‘Barry’ enough.

It’s a Bill Hader vehicle about a former marine, current full-time hitman, and part time aspiring actor. First season just finished on HBO (Sky Atlantic if you’re in the UK.)

Veers between morbid as fuck and absurdly hilarious. Hader is just fantastic. Noho Hank is the best new comedic character to be invented for a while.


Barry was absolutely excellent! Shame it was so short. Left me wanting for so much more.