What are you watching?


recently watched béla tarr’s werckmeister harmonies which was hypnotizing and it made me want to go through his filmography

it was a little unsettling at first to get into his aesthetic with the rhythm being extremely slow and with the long shots that make you think there’s something to see in order to understand the scene whereas it is often only here to build up the atmosphere

really dug the whole werckmeister harmonies political/cultural theory, it made me reflect a lot on my approach to music in general and my interest for other musical systems


the most recent twist was astounding, I can’t believe this show can still pull it off four or five years in


really recommand THE TURIN HORSE


have u listenedd to the band wreckmeister harmonies? got this in my amazon list now anyway.

tried watching nostalgia by andre thaikovsky last night but was too drunk to follow and ended up on atlanta tv series by donald glover / childish gambino. one of the best series ive seen on terrestrial for a long time.


all films distributed by artificial eye seem to be on my to watch list tbh


hadn’t heard about them, def gonna check them out, thanks for the tip


Not sure if you’re there yet, but the episode with Paperboy on the pbs chat show thing intercut with parody commercials is so great. I’m very behind on this show but enjoying it a lot so far.


I’m a bit obsessed with police procedurals at the moment. I rewatched Prime Suspect and was blown away with how good it was. So I’ve watched Line of Duty since (very good, Keely Hawes and Thandi Newton as guests are amaaaaazing), The Shadow Line (brilliant, theatrical feel to it) and now Happy Valley (Another great female lead, which I love. Plus it’s set not far from me and I like that it’s a setting that is familiar to me, but fresh as a TV setting).


Almost done with the first series of The Alienst. Maybe I’m a sucker for the Gilded Age, but it’s pretty solid. Has a Hannibal vibe, although contextually very different. I may even have a go at the novel because of the show.

Outside of that, Westworld. Gonna be an interesting show for at least another 10 hours. We’ll see after that. It’s a bit aimless at the moment, but that still doesn’t hurt its ability to be meta, and that will always be a strong part of the show.

NBA Playoffs gotta get a mention to. Four very compelling teams with great storylines. Been a good time to like basketball.


Atlanta is lit, can me n you do a version but set in brighton starring king sco


nah lets do one around fine dining itll be called. people just do nothing (irl)


Watched the Sopranos for the third time with my girl (her first time). Gets better every time.


currently watching some porn atm


Please… not another Cavs Warriors finals though.


hah, experienced this the other way around. i saw wreckmeister harmonies open for slint(? i think? it was a few years ago), and then found out about the movie via that. incredible film tho, been meaning to check tarr’s stuff that i haven’t seen yet. so far seen that, satantango, & damnation.
while i’m feeling rambly, maybe i was in the perfect mood at the time but satantango was somehow far easier to watch than i anticipated. i do love me some super slow movies though. i loved listening to it as much as i loved watching it, the score/ambience/etc is really perfect.

right now not watching much besides w/e random stuff my bf n i put on (recently got thru star wars prequels which we really enjoyed, ep 3 though. damn.) slowly making it thru sense8 though, s1 is v cool. if anyone has lboxd -> https://letterboxd.com/mvj/


Agree, not quite sure what they’re gonna do with it, but still enjoying it for now.


I just started watching The Sopranos for the first time. So far, so good.


sense8 is sure thing on my top 3 serial. Can’t wait for the final 2 hours episode, when is it out?


I found The Sopranos a slog, maybe one of those instances where it was better watching it the old fashioned way, one episode a week, rather than binge. The characters and the overall story worked, there were great individual episodes, but yeah, I wouldn’t watch it through again.


I’m now on the sixth and last Lost season, didn’t catch it back when it was on air and I’ve been enjoying the ride so far. I was also rewatching Peep Show but it got so depressing after Mark’s wedding I dropped it. Still, so f-ing funny.