UKG Appreciation


the smooth:

the rough:

the bump:

the todd:



The Todd Edwards “You Should UK Dub” (or something) of that last tune is one of my favourites of all time.


UKG Bootleg of Crush On You by Lil Kim… the shivers going down my spine right now


recent UKG mix from K-Lone, downloadable too…


released on Social Circles 1999


yeah i love uk garage!!!


wild track. er-defining and completely timeless. will never, ever get bored of this.


Serious thread! Here’s a top notch garage mix that was on Brighton radio a couple of days ago:


lookin forward to diving into these links!

shelf life for me <3


Of all the hcc genres I’ve been delving into, ukg/2-step remains my weakest link, so big ups on this thread. Apologies if it’s been posted but this track by SF’s DJ Abstract (who started in dnb) is just the bee’s knees and a great example of where martyn got his early sound.


oooof, what a track…


This is probably my favorite, though it’s impossible to pick just one.



Thought I’d collect most of these tunes in a playlist :octopus: Tried Spotify as well, but loads aren’t on there pat yaselves on the back selectahs


Dunno if this is the place for it but I did a bunch of UKG mixes earlier in the year that contain a lot of stuff like the stuff in this list. The vibes are fairly self-explanatory based on what they’re called.


Did anyone have a go at remixing MJ Cole’s last single when he gave out the stems? Here’s my effort:


saw this on @chalravens feed this morning on BC and had to share with the Fivers…

this is my idea of dance music. beautifully constructed rhythmelodic organ hook, nuanced groove, bass pressure for days, and those strings :fire:


You might have loved jungle in 96 and hated garage but then in 06 garage saved you from a dire night of boring house music. Blessed.

Garage led to things like Burial and is LND thing forever.

But remember next stuff like:


Lots of good recommendations here, thankfully not just the commercial ones.

Let’s see who remembers this one then…


future is bright for UKG