UKG Appreciation


how did I miss this release…

this is hard


if it’s any consolation, they’ve got a new 12" out on friday:


Nice cheers for that, clips are sounding nice

Is this an alias of someone? Who gets an El-B remix on their first release…


that Y U QT 12" is definitely my favorite UKG release just on U Belong 2 Me alone… I remember listening to it for the first time on Rinse when Riz La Teef had a solo show - my first thought was “wow, this is the cutest UKG track I’ve ever heard.”

fast forward to the following summer and I copped the 12".




HOLY SHIT just hearing this now… U Belong 2 ME is some life affirming ultra banger type shit


This sounds sick, definitely diving into this label! I’d say that the INSTINCT label is my go to for new UKG, glad they have a Bandcamp page as well, not that down on vinyl only biz.


Man excellent shout - these Instinct 12"s are killer. Exactly the kind of thing I’m after…
Been trying to ID that “Someone” tune from 005 for a while - proper El-B vibes. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll be paying Discogs prices now.


quality UKG heavy mix from Changsie w/ mostly 2019 stuff


Fresh Y U QT. They’re killing it.


Recorded in Hackney, London, at the Total Refreshment Centre during lockdown 2020.

Piano and vocals by Keith Mindlink.
Production by Kristian Craig Robinson (Capitol K) and Jordan Parry (Clacton City Magic).

Video produced and edited by Jack Foster.


A couple more bassline-y ones I’ve been obsessed with