UKG Appreciation


All time classic! Great article about the story behind this one here


Oooh, Haven’t seen this before. Thanks!


Flava D slipped out an album full of great tunes in 2015 for free on bandcamp. Modern produccy but still soulful


v interesting, read it today!


Yeah D Base’s ‘Dreaming’ is brilliant as well!


Totally get what youre saying re: mixing UKG, the sparseness of it makes locking snares/kicks so important (and rewarding!) to achieve. On another note I feel that blending garage in a more straight up house / techno set can do wonders for swing / bouncyness :slight_smile:


Hey fellow UKG fans, Pearson Sound dropped his UKG set from Glastonbury 2017 yesterday and it’s amazing


ah mate.

how do you pick!!

favourite record ever

this one

definitely this one


Can’t pick a sole favourite, but I’ll use this as an opportunity to celebrate El-B - saw him play in a dark room on a big system last week and the man’s still supreme behind the decks all these years later.

There’s not a huge UKG community in Montreal but the people in the know are among the most passionate music fans I know, we’ve been lucky to get amazing El-B, Zed Bias, EZ sets.


real fierce one here. sidenote: this youtube channel is incredible.


I cld rant for days about this.

Lots of stuff already covered. Horsepower, Steve Gurley & El-B are big ones for me. Love Saved Soul & Cape Fear kind of tracks too.

My favourite Horsepower track

Always loved this Dem 2 remix of R U Sleeping

Angel Lee - What’s Your Name (Artful Dodger remix). Bubbly and happy which is a mood I think UKG does unusually well.

Sunship deserves a mention. Could be a million tracks but I’ve picked this one.

MJ Cole is one of those ppl w/ a very recognisable sound but a huge amount of diversity in his back catalogue. Badboy remixer, anything which is an ‘MJ Cole Dubb’ is going to be a banger. Again could be a million things and I’ve picked this almost at random.

I could go on for much longer. I’ve done some mixes, the last one is 100% garage and the next few will likely be too (one is coming with that Re-animator Horsepower tune). I did some depression mixes and they all have bits of garage in (as unlikely as that seems). Saved Soul is the first proper track in Depression 1.


Oh and I’ve also been rinsing this partially because it has a incredible & strange video.

Second Protocol - Basslick



not to play uk garage remix 1 ups, but the MJ Cole remix of Angel Lee is soooo good

this is an overlooked hefter too!!


some fresh sounding FRG if u will


Such a sick thread.

My all time favourite UKG tune… Surprised it wasn’t up already! Dark room heads down vibes.

Recommend listening to the galdem mix too!


oh my god yes!

I must say this edit also slams:


Thought it’d be nice to chip in again! Massive shouts to all of you for sharing, found some gems in here :slight_smile:


^an end of the night classic, that one…


2 deep - get away

all mixes are great, that full sax something else though…