UKG Appreciation


I know that this is an almost impossible task, but what is your favourite garage record?

Certainly feel like UKG doesn’t get the credit it deserves, at least in NL, where I live. Is it still being played a lot in your local club?

My pick, mostly because of the incredibly punchy kicks:


this ones a personal favourite


Real sick, didn’t know this!

#5 this one to !


GarageVybez98 is amazing!




Hearing Call Super play this one in De School is a firm highlight for my past year of clubbing

#9 this one is insanely good starts this set of with wiley and flowdan mcing


Potentially this, but too much to even divulge into. Dem 2, Ray Hurley, Steve Gurley, Mike Millrain, El-B, Zed Bias, FOS Project… too much


Elgato does potentially one of my fave garage sets ever at 41:30 here. 2010 man what a year for stuff like this


Too much indeed! I thought it’d be nice to start this thread however, because it’s great to discover other people’s favourites / a way in for the uniniated.

Anyway, here is one of my fav garage mixes:


These selections are uniformly great, loads I didn’t know.

Almost certainly something by El-B for me, could pick any one of about a dozen tunes. Absolutely perfect balance of heaviness, melody, swing:

In terms of being under-appreciated, it feels like lots of garage reference points got extremely overplayed / inescapable here in the UK by about 2011 with Disclosure etc, and it’s had a slight backlash / fallen off the radar a bit since then as result. Don’t think it’s necessarily overlooked, just on the downward side of the inevitable hype cycle.


The one from Horsepower Productions is an eternal fav:


Yeah El-B is insane! Also a fan of this previously unreleased cut on the reissue of ‘The Club’:

And re: hype cycle: interesting point of view, could definitely be the case. Kinda feel like it’s coming back a bit now tho, with DJs like Call Super and Ben UFO playing it out a lot and labels like Dr. Banana releasing reissues and (crucially) new interpretations of UKG.


more horsepower + bonus hurfyd on the visuals :slight_smile: this one from '01 (got reissued on BH a few years back), real tuff breaks!


Enjoying a lot of these

Always loved this cut…


Having grown up in Portland, Oregon, UKG was something of an “exotic” treat. I still remember buying the first So Solid Crew album at an import shop. All of which is to say that I love this stuff and as much as it was nice to have the Portland clubs/raves playing the mix of hyper DnB & happy hardcore that a 14-year-old could experience in the early 00s, woulda been badass to come up with this ish.


It kind of straddles the line between breakbeat garage + broken beat but i love the DJ Hype mix of Etiene De Crecy’s ‘Scratched’


you know this was apparently written about his friend’s death as well, added deepness


I never knew that, cheers