Ten years old or less


Beside the original, I’ve also really dug this remix for the loongest time:


Not an unknown, but this is still frequently played at mine

Just looking through my collection and wow 10 years seems an awful long time ago in music.

Krafty Kuts and DJ Yoda and Freq Nasty did Fabric Live CDs. DJ Hazard released Killers Don’t Die and Machete. It was the sort of time that Hospital records was turning into the big beast. Big albums from London Elektricty, High Contrast and Danny Byrd. I was out every bloody weekend that year I rekon. Plus various festivals to boot.

Also in 2008 Sleaford Mods dropped their spectacularly good Mekon album. I only listened to it a few years ago. If you’ve not heard that have a look for it. It’s all built on old sex pistols loops and it’s absolute gold from start to finish.


Tapping into my headspace of 10 years ago…living in Northern California, finishing my undergrad studies, generally depressed but experiencing the pangs of love


Thank you for sharing this. It’s nice to hear people’s emotional responses, personal circumstances, thoughts and feelings about music, too — not just “this is cool” (although there’s absolutely nothing uncool about simply saying “this is cool” either!)


THIS is cool

I didn’t hear Grouper till 2013. I’d heard the name but never listened, I can’t remember if it was her FACT mix or the release of Man in his boat but I listened that summer and nothing has ever been the same since. Saw her twice in the past year, wowee.


I listen to Vessel’s Order of Noise on a regular basis, truly one of my all time favourite albums. 2012 had such an amazing run of ‘experimental techno’ albums, with this, Andy Stott, Actress, Lee Gamble, MM/KM and so many more


Yes, 2012 was a watershed year, indeed! I remember the “So Click Heels” compilation being on heavy rotation around here. Especially love the combination of forlorn shoegaze and experimental techno on that collection. Great summer vibes!


early Elysia Crampton releases as E+E will always be special

the Bodyguard project by James Ferraro and Yves Tumor too


Yeah. Endlessly fascinating artist and very much on board with everything they do, but the E+E releases were one of those things that just changed everything for me, and a lot of people I think. Love those videos as well. Sword breaks my heart every time with how beautiful it is.


I was totally late to Elysia Crampton and E+E, but yeah, really amazing stuff. Would love to hear a record where the earlier ‘composition’ and the more recent ‘song’ styles co-exist.

Those videos too… hypermasculinity meets daydream


I’ve never heard these releases before. This is right up my street. Now why haven’t I heard this until now?? Haha


Still on heavy rotation:
Jam City - Classical Curves
Seiho - Collapse
Logos - Cold Mission
Burial - Rival Dealer EP
Leon Vynehall - Music for the Uninvited
Dark0 - Fate EP
The Knife - Silent Shout
Chromatics - Kill for Love
Com Truise - Galactic Melt
Junior Boys - Big Black Coat
Cornelius - Sensuous
Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition
Andy Stott - Too Many Voices
Errors - New Relics
Gonjasufi -A Sufi and a Killer
Kuedo - Severant
Four Tet - There is Love In You
Girl Unit - Club Rez EP


The E+E stuff which I’m going to dig into today (thanks for sharing) reminded me a little of this compilation on VHS
Culture Dealer presents Video Door (2012)
Lots of wigged out surreal vibes from the likes of Run DMT and Mike Revezera


IMO this album will leave its mark in history. 7years later it still sounds fresh!

Suuns first album is also 8years old

The Bug’s album London Zoo is 10years and 2days old today!


Here’s one that turns 10 this year: Confluence by Manual (riyl Brian Eno, Gavin Bryars, Stars of the Lid)

I learnt about this from this interview with the filmmaker Gregg Araki


Name a tune heavier than Skeng, I’ll wait.


Also! Fuck. This record. Pyur - Epoch Sinus. Shit. I just don’t get that it didn’t get more hype, it’s such a fabulously accomplished piece of work. Ridiculously good record.


I love the early Hotflush catalogue! Like this roller by Sigha:


Everytime there’s a “big” footwork release – RP Boo’s album today – I find myself going back to some old Rashad, and often, DJ Diamond’s “Flight Muzik” from 2011. It remains to this day one of my, if not the top, favourite albums of the genre.


Just heard one of the tracks from this in a mix and was reminded of how much I liked it