Ten years old or less


Turning ten on 7 July 2018.


Just remembered another classic for me. Klaxons’ “Myths of the Near Future” from 2007. Honestly I’d consider this thing a perfect album by my standards, every single track on it is absolutely solid.

Playlist linked here is a bit awkward since it comes in the wrong track order and also inexplicably has bonus tracks spliced in amongst the normal tracks. Everything else is there though, and that’s the important bit.


yeah i think the whole Belgian/Vlek crew were quite inspired by Lou. I was aware of Hav Lyf but not heard that rec actually, thanks!

and the Fire Hum record I only found relatively recently, cus i went back looking for any traces of Wigflip left out there. I used to love the Run DMT stuff, I think it was one of them who ran the label, there was also an early project from Sentinal/Semya on there


Cut 4 Me was as much a showcase for Kelela as it was a test bed for a lot of the Fade to Mind crew to actually think about putting together songs, of which the fruits have been somewhat plentiful. For Jam City especially. It came out between Classical Curves and Dream a Garden. Which is a fine album, I get it, but really sad because I really really like Classical Curves. It’s one of those “ten year or less” albums that is a classic for me, mixing a lot the club sounds of the time with more abstract spatial stuff. Hyatt Park Nights Pt.1 and 2 are my jams, so to speak.

I guess it’s also why Andy Stott’s Passed Me By / We Stay Together sticks with me more than his new stuff too. His later stuff is “Too Many Voices” in the literal sense.


I just had a peep on discogs and that Hav Lyfe record is going for silly cheap. Hmm, but why? It’s great.


Classical Curves is a super record. You put it better than I could but I do agree with you. Distilling club sounds into something weird and unorthodox. I found it a difficult listen at first if I’m honest but then a lot of my fave records were.

That image on the sleeve really does things for me. :kissing_heart:


Think that one was hugely underrated


I think the scene just failed to breakthrough and be seen as relevant, it had the potential but didn’t follow through with a big hitter. The continuation of that scene happening today might be going the same way, but it could all change.


Frank Ocean - Blonde is a modern classic. This album continues to reveal layers to me on every listen. Frank is going to be one of the most sampled artists in history. Each song is a collage of fragments of spontaneous genius.


I really liked it. One of my fave ‘BIG’ records of the last couple of years. It’s weirder than I expected and I like it when weirdness seeps into big commercial albums. Shifting a kind of Overton window if you like.
Been caning Endless recently too. Sometimes I’ll listen to ‘Slide On Me’ and ‘Sideways’ over and over for the entire 1/2 hour journey to work.


This one cant go without being mentioned, a timeless master piece. Ive listen to this countless times but it never gets tiring. His best release for me definitely. Its an album I like to listen to when I’m on a journey, preferably at night, with a bit of rain, looking out the window with just streets lights and cats eyes lighting the way. I draw a lot of inspiration from this album for artwork.


Yeah I wasn’t gonna mention it here because it’s so mainstream and maybe a bit out of what I would consider the 555 wheelhouse, but it’s probably my album of the decade. Musically it’s super rich and layered. Every time I start the album and the first notes of Nikes wash over me it’s like sinking into a bath. Literally the only tracks which I don’t think add anything are the two phone recordings. To me they just seem a bit silly and detract from the overall mood.

Also really appreciate that the lyrics are personal but rarely/never feel uncomfortably so for me. (Compared to say, the new serpentwithfeet, which I am enjoying a ton but the odd lyric really makes me wince). I don’t think they’re just generically relatable either, because a lot of them are so evocative.

I don’t think Endless is as strong as Blonde, but Higgs is hauntingly beautiful and Slide On Me is obviously an absolute tune. I loved the version he did with Thugger.


I agree, Them Changes is an incredible song. The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam is my favorite release of him, the balance between ghostly and funky vibe makes a pretty strong and coherent release.
I was kind of disappointed with Drunk even though I feel that the second part of the album is good.

Dean Blunt “The Narcissist II” is something that blew my mind when I listened to it last year or so. The whole aesthetic of the album really speaks to me. If you can reccomend other Dean Blunt works with a similar vibe, I never took the time to really explore his discography (I listened to The Redeemer (loved it) Babyfather (loved it even though it felt more “forced experimental”) and Hype Williams 10/10 (found it underwhelming))


A couple classic tracks:


it bothers me so effing much that there’s no lossless format available for that Hud Mo track


Any of the Grouper albums, take your pick. Laurel Halo’s Quarantine is one of my favorites from any decade. Platform by Holly Herndon. Quite a few from already established artists, and some others further afield — The latest Liars, TCFC. Shabazz Palaces, Lese Majesty. Jenny Hval, either Apocalypse Girl or Innocence is Kinky (although the recent EP may top them). Any of the Wild Beasts albums. Girl Band is one of the all time best for catharsis.


Fever Ray’s eponymous debut:


I always think that first Fever Ray tune sounds like ‘You Know You’re Right’ by Nirvana. :laughing:

Love this 2012 album from S Olbricht, an early and overlooked contribution to the outsider/lo-fi house scene. It has a real timelessness actually, and just an overall spotless record beginning to end.


dude, yes. this is my fave S Olbricht tune…


potentially my top album ever