Ten years old or less


I don’t know about you folks, but with so much new music arriving every week, I often put older releases on the shelf and forget about them, until lo and behold there’s an anniversary piece about how it’s now X years old. So I thought I’d start a thread asking what relatively recent (ten years old or less) albums are you either still listening to, or have recently rediscovered? I’ll start off by mentioning the Tim Hecker/Dan Lopatin collaborative album “Instrumental Tourist”, which I think captures these two artists at a good time in both their careers, and still holds up well in 2018. So, what’s in your pile of recents?


Recently been listening to Shed - Shedding the Past. Can’t believe it’s ten years old. Still sounds well fresh.

  • Four Tet Morning/Evening almost daily still.
  • Bjarki’s “b” record once a week, at least.

Those two jump out at me.


i listened to burial - untrue for the first time when it turned 10 years old and i thought it had aged horribly


this is intended as a thread for things we listened to and liked, thanks.


I’ve been pretty consistently returning to the self titled Metasplice album from 2015 since it came out

some great deceptively simple music with the sort of timbres that hit the right side of raw for my tastes


haha ok sorry!!

always go back to bake haus by offshore


It fascinates me that Stretch 2 is six years old, because it feels like it would be just as amazing if it were released today. This can also be said for R Plus Seven and James Blake’s s/t record.


just listened to R+7 again today and still really liked it. A high watermark. Never heard Stretch 2 and really enjoying it now, thank you for this!


LV ft Joshua Idehen’s Routes again and divorced from its moment, I really find it’s a beautiful record. In the exact opposite way, Darkstar’s North is a very bleak one but equally engaging.

Actually, I remember the whole “dubstep albums are rubbish” consensus from back then and always thought that was painfully shortsighted. A lot of good home listening stuff that avoided falling into “chill”.


only stumbled on this recently
trap being ever more universal than 2014, yet this still sounds fresh

also think Sky H1’s ‘Fluid’ from 2015 is still relatively unknown but standalone/standout quality


Plenty, to be honest, but here are a few that usually comes up a few times every year that I listen to all the way through.


Listened through tape 1 of this yday and it’s masterful


equiknoxx over and over again…


Boards of Canada- Tomorrow’s Harvest
Still think this record is amazing. In fact it might have grown to be my favourite of theirs. Reach For The Dead still catches me every time, I think it’s perfect.

FKA Twigs- LP1 (and all the EPs actually)
Still in heavy rotation, probably because we’ve been waiting for a followup ever since. I still feel like the more time I spend with this, the more I like it. Deserves all the hype it got on release (even though I actually didn’t see what all the fuss was about at the time, it’s grown on me an unbelievable amount)

2 obvious choices perhaps, and unlikely to be records that people have forgotten… but they are great.


Wow, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of FlyLo’s LA album! On that tip, who remembers Blue Daisy?


100pc agreed on Tomorrow’s Harvest. It has a really different feel to everything else they’ve done, while still being 100pc them. I love it so much.


absolutely agree with these choices!


Oh yes! I remember hearing it on the Mary Ann Hobbs show back in the day. Loved that song. Turned out to be a one hit wonder though. :stuck_out_tongue: While on the topic of Mary Ann Hobbs, I remember hearing this for the first time back then as well, completely blown away. That EP, goddamn, and this track in particular. Listened to it all that summer.


The two Equiknoxx albums on DDS are the only album length projects I’ve really been able to get my teeth into in the last couple of years. So good!