Ten years old or less


that stuff Errors were coming out with on that record and the one before it was so unique. they must be due some new material soon.


Here are two feel-good albums from acts everyone’s heard of:

The Chemical Brothers Further from 2010 (!)

and Underworld’s 2016 record Barbara Barbara We Face A Shining Future

Since the 1990s, the Chemical Brothers has been house-cleaning music for me (Exit Planet Dust lol). And I recently listened to the Underworld album in an airplane on the tarmac at Charles De Gaulle. It’s great music to take off to. I feel like both these late-career albums are as good as anything they’ve ever done.


The Lindstrom remix of Swoon was absolutely gorgeous


absolutely loved Barbara Barbara


this record from 2013 was phenomenal and got like zero love :frowning:


Juno Plus put it at #1 for the year… Agreed it’s great but zero love is unfair.


oops! ok how about, “no conspicuously residual love”? :slight_smile:


Remember listening to this back in the day after being into her dronescapes previously released, but didn’t connect with it at that time. Upon re-listen, it bangs!


How is Thom Yorke’s Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses almost nine years old already?


2012 was a magical year.


firsts Brainfeeder releases are now 10 yo


I haven’t rly been listening to much music that isn’t made for a dance floor these days, but I really love those Dean Blunt albums. Black Metal is also superb, as is Stone Island which I don’t think is released officially. There’s a newer album he did with Joanne Robertson I’ve been meaning to listen to properly (can’t remember if it’s had a proper release). I also like bits and bobs he puts on YouTube that may not get put on projects.

Also agree with the love for Classical Curves. Obviously v influential, I think it will be interesting to see (as a person from the UK) if there’s a UK scene that will emerge that takes the ideas forward, taking that Jersey / Bmore / ballroom kind of influence and putting a novel spin on it without being too repetitive or derivative of the American forms. I think it could well happen, there have been (and continue to be) various attempts and I think it could go in interesting directions if younger producers emerging now become engaged with it.

I did also think Dream A Garden and the related more DJ focused rework 12”s were great too. It was great to see a quite explicitly political work, something for those of us for whom the future looks pretty bleak but who are constantly told that there is no alternative to the current social and economic arrangements. To me it’s like Classical Curves represents the weird mechanical alienation of the world as it is, and Dream A Garden has a sort of more organic, loved up feel that represents some of the values that our world has lost, and the aspiration to build a better world based on a less individualistic culture.

The other thing id mention is Micachu & The Shapes. Mica Levi is now getting a lot of props for soundtrack and experimental work, but the Micachu albums are all fantastic. Very very skewed pop. There are a few mixtapes about too like a bizarre one of the Chopped And Screwed thing they did with an orchestra, mangled and turned into these raw, intense beats with Brother May MCing over the top in an unusually improvisational way. Really diverse output but with quite a singular vision. They are also a phenomenal live band, you can get an idea through a Boiler Room set they did, but seeing them in person with proper amplification is well worth doing. They tour pretty irregularly iirc.

I did a Valentines Day mix that draws on all 3, particularly Blunt and Micachu who I think write very affectingly about love and attraction and jealousy and all those things.