Ten years old or less


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Anyways, thanks for the Dialect reminder! Gowanus Drifts is epic!


Was about to mention Gowanus Drifts. It still lingers in my head a few laters.


I think I’ll be referencing OPN’s R Plus Seven, Arca’s Mutant, and Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath, 1972 forever, but I’ll try to post some less popular choices.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEuHw-NQ2mo and

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD49H1iOlcM from Drewchin


How on earth has nobody said Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

Also on my list:
Burial - Untrue (Yes it’s aged, partially because of all the imitation, but impact is unquestionable)
Flylo - Los Angeles (His legacy has aged for similar reasons but this album is a masterpiece, it’s rare to get a front to back listen like this anymore, reminds me of when I first heard Entroducing)
Clams Casino - collected instrumental work
A$AP Rocky - Live Love A$AP mixtape
Four Tet - Pink (Thought this album was throwaway on first listen, it’s now one of my all-time favorites)
Oneohtrixpointnever - Replica
And as a recent contender that is too early to tell, but I think will be with me for a long time:
Huerco S. - For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)


Oh yes, good calls by @danielle and @scavengers. Colonial Patterns by Huerco S is pretty damn excellent as well. I was actually listening to Burial the other day thinking it’s one of the few records from the dubstep-era that has actually aged really well. Still works wonders today, in my opinion. :slight_smile:


In the “acoustic music that mimics electronic music” genre, there’s the excellent Dawn of MIDI’s 2013 album Dysnomia


thought I would post three releases that are almost totally lost by now.

first, there’s ‘Tough Cunt’ by The Hers (2012), a gentler, less nihilist side project of Wanda Group (PAN). Really lovely textures almost caught in limbo, and let’s be honest, “Baby Came Out Like Good Gear In The Sun” is without doubt the best song title of all time.

second of all, there’s the nearly completely forgotten ‘Fire Hum’ recorded by Ssaliva under the name Kingfisherg (2010), I think the only place you can actually find this now is on Boomkat. Has a really unique quality to it. The kind of record that will get re-released about 30 years too late.


thirdly, I only recently realised most normal people don’t go diving into artists’ earlier discography, which is a shame cus they miss out on beauts like Hype Williams’ ‘Untitled’ Carnivals rec (2010). Well known compared with the other two, but overlooked in general, and pretty disconnected from what both went on to do (and the rest of the world).


Wow, great entries here! Looking forward to diving into the first two as I’ve not heard before, but especially yes to Hype Williams. They had a string of excellent releases including Find Out What Happens…, One Nation and Black Is Beautiful. Also Inga Copeland’s first solo ep is fantastic.


also nominating Prins Thomas Principe Del Norte and Rashad Becker Notional Species (Vol. II or nothing)


People saying Untrue sounds dated: What makes it sound dated to you? Genuinely curious because I don’t hear it myself. I dunno whether we’re just using different meanings of the word or whether stuff takes longer to sound dated to my ears. I have to say I never really gave any Burial clones the time of day, which is maybe why it still sounds good to me. I never thought it sounded much like the other “real dubstep” around at the time anyway. I guess “dated” carries negative connotations for me, and I don’t think it has aged badly. I still really enjoy returning to it.


I can see that Zomby’s Where Were You in 92 is already present and accounted for.

This is great. Like, mega mega good. I’m an incredible fanbois for anything Will Holland. And not a tiny bit of a fan of Alice Russell too. When they get together the results are always absolute fire. The Hint Remix of Magdalena is also well worth a listen (not on the album).


I only didn’t mention Caretaker because I’d mentioned it in the bandcamp thread. I perhaps didn’t want to make it too obviously how utterly obsessed I am with it.


it’s 2018 words have lost their meaning for some ppl



I agree with what @scavengers said about Untrue suffering from all the imitation. I still like it a lot though and I haven’t bored of his production style and motifs.
BoC have suffered from this effect in a big way imo, they’ve been done to death. Despite being a fan since '00 I still can’t bring myself to listen to Tomorrow’s Harvest (I know I’m a bit of an idiot). I like a lot of the artists borrowing from BoC but it does take the shine off a new BoC album.


Really liked Fire Hum. I vaguely remember Wigflip having some great releases and then just fizzling out.

This Hav Lyf record is in a similar vain, I expect you remember it if you’re into this sort of stuff. Came out on Sonic Router. I thought it was a sly Wanda Group project for a while but according to Lou it’s not him.


Is it still albums or are we talking EP’s and singles now?

TLOP is definitely a big one for me. I still think it marries so much of old soul and gospel with modern hip hop. Had a couple tracks that weren’t amazing, but on the whole I found it to be an amazing listen start to finish, showcasing so many amazing talents.

Insula by Proc Fiskal is gonna go down as a classic, especially as it’s one of the first instrumental grime albums pushing the sound into more IDM/‘mature’ directions.

Both Mr Mitch albums are amazing, and he will go down as a visionary imo for those pieces of work.

The Orlando release on Gobstopper really affected me as well.

Finally, anything with Kelela, she has such a lyrical turn of phrase and beautiful voice that brings out the latent emotion in any track I’ve heard her on, even just basic floor fillers.


@HG_Food I had the pleasure of seeing Kelela live on two separate occasions; before she became “Kelela”, she was “the chick who sang a few tracks for Teengirl Fantasy” and I saw her perform with them during their Tracer tour (absolutely jaw-dropping show), and then later at her debut/mixtape premiere with the Night Slugs/FTM crew (fucking. A.). the records don’t really do her justice if you ask me…you really need a small room, a big ass soundsystem, and a fog machine to get the full effect :slight_smile:


When I was booking shows in my city she was always the gig I wanted to put on - I had never put on a live act, but her voice and her presence just really stood out and I would’ve loved to have done a late-night, after dark, intimate basement show with her, and a full light show. Her voice just blows me away and I’m dying to see her live.


Agreed on Kelela. The more time I spend with that record from last year, the better it gets. Cut 4 Me was good, but the new one is really special IMO. It’s been a great decade for RnB.