Ten years old or less


Ok. Huerco S for me sounds archaic or maybe ‘rural’ and even if that is a new textural approach it doesn’t come about as a deliberate dismantling of anything to me. Not as Mark Fell for instance which immediately gives an austere radical modernist impression.


@chava mind you, I’m not equating any of these artists, necessarily. only saying that, under the general rubric of “ambient-not-ambient”, in which we allow the distinctions between rhythm, harmony, and melody to become somewhat unimportant, there are many different approaches to a shared pursuit. these are just artists whose work I think loosely or explicitly deal with this particular theme.


I would pick The Money Store over Exmilitary personally. Exmilitary has that raw wow factor for sure, but The Money Store is their most complete project in my eyes. After that they lost me, but I still check out everything they put out in the hopes it grabs me.

Which one is this? Would probably like it, and haven’t knowingly heard it


another one that’s exactly 10 years old


Just got the new Gang Gang Dance album and I’m reflecting on Saint Dymphna, which was probably my favourite album of 2008


I can’t believe that Dorian Concept’s Joined Ends is already four years old. The same goes for Grenier Meets Archie Pelago.

in order to not forget about good music I keep a playlist in iTunes called “albums”, where I throw in the first track of every EP or album I truly like and don’t want to forget about. I still enjoy returning to Jam City’s Dream A Garden (2015). Sometimes AlunaGeorge’s Body Music (2013) feels nice, and Laurel Halo’s Quarantine (2012) is one of those albums that actually becomes grander the older it gets.


Adding a few gems I keep getting back to.


and surely this EP will go down in history:



Yes to Andy Stott. I feel like his entire oeuvre might collectively come closest to filing that ‘Untrue’ hole in the 2010s.


I posted a song by this fella in the “What frequencies you pumpin atm” thread so here’s a follow up to that, I guess. For the past week I’ve been completely addicted to OORUTAICHI’s Drifting My Folklore, an absolutely fantastic album which is really weird and fun as heck with a whole bunch of catchy melodies and lyrics. Here’s the opening track which is as chill as the album gets, pretty much.


Ravedeath and That’s Harakiri both great shouts. That’s Harakiri in particular gets better over time for me. In a similar(ish) vein, Visionist- Safe and Objekt- Flatland are up there for me.


Oh yes. The double of “Passed Me By / We Stay Together” has a special place in my heart.


went back to dj rashad yesterday and yeah… welcome to the chi and double cup are quite remarkable


ICYMI that 1991 album was reissued recently with bonus tracks. Still sounds sick


Recently I’ve been revisiting Tropic of Cancer’s discography. An impressive body of work, but we haven’t heard from her in a few years, unfortunately. Hoping for a new one in 2018.


Suki Girlz is a beast of an album/mixtape. Might have to pull it up again, been a minute since I’ve listened to it.


I’m gonna be that person

Drake Take Care, Kanye West Yeezus, Sd Laika That’s Harakiri, PartyNextDoor Self-Titled, Arca &&&&&&, Cashmere Cat Wedding Bells EP, Holy Other Held, Babyfather 419, Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx We’re New Here, James Blake Self-Titled


Also this


I still love this Blue Daisy tune, lovely blue 10" finds its way onto the turntable fairly regularly!