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Here’s my latest radio show

Features 40 minutes of soft and gentle ambient followed by 80 minutes of house/techno/prog/stuff. Features

Black Lodge/Grouper/Jake Muir/Christian Smith & John Selway/Nathan Micay/object blue/Radiohead and stuff from Opal Tapes, Hausu Mountain, Broken20, 130701 etcetcetc


14 records chosen random on the fly, mixed live one take complete with fucked up levels n line hiss. started with janet and ran it…starts funky gets soulful n smooth then a housey techno turn into some gangsta rap. feedback mucho appreciado homies!


@nickecks trackID @ ~49:00-55:00?


I do mixes semi-regularly on my station Cosmic Sound - here is an older but interesting one from last year



awesome deep cut. thanks!


Hey gang! S/O to @criminiminal for hitting me up…had emergency oral surgery two weeks ago (on my bday, natch) so just been not in the best place.

But am mixing always and have two I’ve posted in the past week that I’m quite proud of…the Ambient Mindscapes was a B2B session with my old comrade in dancing in Nyc for more than a decade, the young boy Neonlichter (Jason Rule).

And the Ambient 666 mix is my favorite mix I did this year…made it for a mix series and they just didn’t even bother to listen to it while keeping me on the line for a month so yeah, reallllly tired of scene nepotism. Don’t always hire your friends…look beyond for the real shit. (Tho I sure have friends I would book and I’m sure you would too…but just booking friends isn’t healthy for the underground. Check out this great piece from my friend (lol) Tom Cox’s site (of Pittsburgh Track Authority and Negative Hallucination)…summarizes so much of how I feel about the “Brooklyn Techno” scene. Scene nepotism is the bane of the underground (or one of them!)

Tracklists available upon request!! Nice to be back:):):):slight_smile:



Here is a mix @danielle and I put together for a closer listen.


Did a couple more garage ones. First one rowdy, second one a bit calmer.




Guess i’ll share some mixes of myself as well. I play mostly underground club stuff. Think dinamarca, sylvere, kelman duran, nahshi etc… latest mix also features a track from forum member @nickleon !


!! two very tasty mixes


ate some mushrooms and recorded this, enjoy!


New one from me for Jerome’s ‘Mixfile’ series - tracklist is on the soundcloud page


my recent one for Sydney’s excellent Body Promise radio show/label/mix series. Lots of tricksy kicks & Timedance type vibes. Listen right to the end for my friend Marcus’s breathtaking Mariah flip


UKGGGGG, plus some new 2-step dubplates


A mix from us, spanning many genres, up on our buddies’ label platform (please check them out):

We’re always listening for more noisy dancehall/dub/UKG generally, recommendations much welcome. :slight_smile:

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What software (hardware?) do you all use to put together mixes? I used to use Adobe Audition back in my college radio days but I’d like to switch things up.


Mix of my favourite drum and bass album of 2018 thus far. Was one of the first mixes I hit out when I got my DDJ-SB2 earlier this year.


usually two turntables and a mixer, maybe a cdj too for unreleased stuff. regarding software I feel it can be done in any software quite easily… Traktor would work for a syncing/beat-matching mix but any of the others would be fine if just for playing one track after another. Adobe Audition is great I love it!