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new mix from me exploring loneliness & horniness

trying to find connections between stuff from now and the soup of sounds moving around the US at the time when house and techno were born !


Just recorded a new mix! More uptempo stuff than usual. Tracks from DJ Lag, Tearz, Air Max '97 and others.


Recorded it under the alias DJINTELLIGENCE666

The tracklist is pretty heterogeneous:
Yves Tumor - Eternal
Lego Feet - Part 1
The Lemon Kittens - Small Mercies
CHBB - Neger Brauchen Keine Elektronik
Fatima Al Qadiri - pre-extinction (incompatibility)
Enayet - chokkor
Obsequies - Grace
Dead Fader - DIY
Zabelle Panosian - Caroun (Spring)
Tessela - Butchwax
Ray Conniff - Try to Remember
Frèdèric Chopin - Ballade #1 In G Minor, Op. 23
felicita - sweet pea
Gridbug - Near Video Strobe Death
Peder Mannerfelt - Bahuto Chant & Dances 3
v1984 - SPfiNAL TAP re-JUVENescence
Danny L Harle & Pawel Siwczak - Other Passacaglia
Gridbug - Making Of Cyborg [Re-Texture]
Terre Thaemlitz - Names Have Been Changed (vinyl edit)


latest1 from myself, starting at like 145, going up to about 165, recorded guest mix I did for Dobby pon Reprezent

any ids j hmu, thanks in advnce to any1 checking this out


in an act of hubris i decided the world needed to hear what i would put together if i was asked to do a fabric mix


really diggin this! especially the kw griff switch up!! any chance of a download?


thanks so much! i’ll see what i can do…



New mix up from this past weekend, covering on the Roll Thru show on NTS. A bunch of new music in here!


What is that tune at 40:00 or so that gets turned into pretty much one of the most uplifting footwork/soul mashups I’ve heard recently. Respect!!

I’ve actually listened to this whole mix hanging out at home and with friends several times.

Love this forum.


that is so so wonderful to hear thank you i appreciate it so much !!

so the original track that i play first is “If You Were Here Tonight” by Alexander O’Neal

which i then mix into “A New Meaning” by Machinedrum which is a footwork track that heavily samples the same tune

love literally nothing more in my entire life than hearing how people enjoy my music so thank you so much for sharing <3 fives is the best place on the internet imo


Loving it as well! Great mix!


here’s some music that I’m playing out atm, I’m not sure how to categorize it: maybe 90-118bpm dancing stuff and things??? it’s nearly 3 hrs so good for listening around the house? some low end things, fusion jazz, weirdo disco, italian vibes, beatdown, afroccentric ting & general 80s-ish vibe? i think…?


a little bit older now, but looking back, 2015/2016 was a time of damn good releases …


thank you Nick <333 much love to you


I have regular OK Sessions mix series that delves into techno, left field, UK bass, house, UK garage and Drum & Bass on each show. Up to number 22 right now…


New downtempo mix of deep garage and chillstep clocking in at 105bpm.


I’ve put a few new ones up since I’ve been here last.

More garage, bittersweet kind of vibe:

Bits of house, garage house, UKG, grime, oldskool dubstep and other good things mashed together:

Mostly dubstep but bits of grime and other weird techno-y bits for halloween:


New mix… a sensual, yin take… an invitation to go deep, to release, to feel it all…

beautiful, fleeting, precious.

hope it speaks to you. :pray:


This was part of the warm-up before the live-sets by Mesak and Snack Atoms.

I guess I can also post Mesaks live-set too: