Share your own mixes


since people seem to post their own mixes, let’s try to collect them here in this topic.


Ha! Thanks for making this thread…was planning to make a thread to feature those of us who run our own music blogs (and to encourage others to do so) so that was enough indirect self-promotion to make me hold back on sharing my mixes…been dj’ing for 10+ years but only started to get not-shitty in the past two, so it feels more like I’ve been collecting for over a decade and spinning (satisfactorily) for two years.

And for those curious for a sonic example of the UK dance scene I’m talking about, here’s a couple that are almost all UK records from the past 4-5 years.

Ambient Ambien

Ambient Destruction


Extracted Freakancy



first post from me… here’s mix i did for Hong Kong Community Radio recently:


Did another post on this.

Here’s the Mixcloud:


Here’s my take on a “Bass” set. I normally play house and techno so this was a lot of fun.


Mix by Boëthius

"Why Do They Shut Me Out of Heaven" is out! You can download it for free on Bandcamp.


Very interesting–in my brief scroll-through–how it seems we’re coming at different types of ‘bass’…or not?


OK, so I decided to spend the $15 (not a small amount for me…doing what you want in life does not pay well) and get a Soundcloud Pro subscription…just makes far more practical sense.


theme for this mix was black hip hop culture for white listeners. i currently live in a town that is 91% white and it can be really frustrating to not have relational points music wise. As a person of mixed ethnicity…i’m not black, i’m Portuguese Indian Chinese Irish and German and was raised in the Bay Area in a very balanced black/hispanic/asian/white community where often times I was a pale skinned minority (the only person in the room perceived as white, if that makes sense). This definitely gave me perspectives lots of folks in Central Oregon don’t have…this mix is my attempt to convey my own white/eurasian digestion and understanding of black hip hop culture (as much as i can as a non black person) to a suuuuuper white audience.

feel me?


Forgot I actually uploaded to Soundcloud…movin’ on up.

Tessa - Glisten / Randomer - Velvet
Hodge & Randomer - Second Freeze
Soul Dhamma - Flower (King Britt water dub
Simo Cell - Stop The Killing
Beneath - Special Request
Ploy - Gary
Djrum - Ilian A1
Joy O
Cocktail Party Effect
Piezo - Cala
Ramadanman - Work It
Cocktail Party Effect - IGTYFO
Ploy - Iron Lung
Leo Anibali


Uh, have to add the Tracklist later … features Kool Keith, Skweee, Funk and more weird stuff.

Also I did a slow-down Disco-Mix this year:


Hey guys here’s my last mix.


If anyone’s up for extended uk funky mix, I recorded one the other day


fresh of the day:: Antropocène Patchène-patch/


hiii - first time posting - been lurkin for a while now :slight_smile:

thought you all might be interested in a mix i did for Truants where I combine Iranian Folk Music from different regions of Iran with distorted club beats:

Here is the accompanying interview with Truants:


yesssss hope you are doing well maral!


Played supporting Taiwanese pop star, Joanna Wang.