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here’s the second mix I’ve made for OC!WR - I mix with 1 turntable, 1 ipod, my android phone to include voice messages and 1 mixer and, what do you think? I


dubby stuff for hot summer nights, cold beers and exotic ganjas


Summer summer summer!!!


Covered for Rachel Nobel’s Roll Thru show. Pretty eclectic (slowed breakbeat, R&G, mumble rap and weird ravey stuff).


A bit messy at times, I made this as something of a thank you following an extended interview with a certain dance music scribe whose name gets mentioned here A LOT lol…which was in turn described as “loping, sinuosity” which I can get down with.

Here’s a partial track list (without the tracks, oops):
Inventing Masks
Laksa Ploy
Via Maris
Mosca (rough transition)
Cocktail Party Effect
Via Maris
A Made Up Sound
Dan HaberNam
Ben Vince & Joy O
Digital Boy

A couple others I’ve made in the past month or year that are perfect for these muggy days:

About a year ago, this was the first ‘serious’ mix I made in the sense that it took 4-5 takes and a week or two of nailing down the tracklist and blends…have become far more intuitive in the intervening year, but as friends have seemed to all comment on this mix, “it’s perfect for flights,” an opinion I can personally second.


LOL, the tracklist grabbed my attention before I saw the poster;) V nice.


I don’t know about you or y’all, but I for one got tired of waiting on the ‘gatekeepers’ to catch up, which is why I started my site and support efforts like this forum to achieve at least the illusion (hopefully more than that) of ‘a new underground.’ Now, I’ll never forget one of my dear friends making a similar comment following 2015 CMJ fest, but not sure what came of that. Either way, I’m tired of trying to gain acceptance by the established hubs and honestly, I want to and am trying to do something much more different than the “2018 DJ program” so many seem to be running…start your own everything…when the existing vehicles are unable to grant you expression, create your own.


Great thread! I’ve liked a bunch of these on soundcloud so i can work my way thru them in the office haha.

After years of stubbornly insisting on being only a live performer, in the last 9 months or so I’ve finally got into mixing & learned how to enjoy it. I’m living in London but 95% of my records are back in Sydney so only digital atm.

My first mix, for Dro Carey in February. Mostly my stuff plus m8s from Sydney, leavened with a few UK bass heavy hitters. Also Dro is a legend and I hope he gets another monthly show somewhere soon.

Another one I just upped to mixcloud cos i’m tryna give mixcloud a chance. 130ish throughout but a real variety of moods. Mixcloud is saying because there are 5 tunes by the same artist (me) it will hide the mix from US audiences? Which is not inclining me towards Mixcloud as a platform, tbh.

(thx criminiminal for showing me how 2 embed properly)


Just did a new one. Rowdy UK Garage stuff.



Made another one last night…not perfect but vinyl rarely is, just a matter of lessening the number of mistakes I feel (and you know, just feeling the music). Went from dreamy electro of the Steven Rutter, DJ Wey, Slam, Kruton, Model 500, and Fourrier Sounds variety before delving into that B2 Ciel cut of weirdo electro off of her Peach 12 and Two Lone Swordsmen’s classic “Rotting Hill Carnival” before moving into DJ LIlocox, Tribe of Colin, Shackleton & PInch, Szare, Club No-No Opgang 2, Villalobos on Villalobos, Oleka on Power Vacuum, Pariah and Blawan, and closing with some Scott Grooves:


Sounds Direction (Madlib’s)
Chino Amobi
Chip Wickham
Moisi, Magdalena & Teresa
DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad Feat Danny Brown
Space Afrika
Aris Kindt


would you mind give an hand about it?


Here’s the last mix I did - holla us if any1 wants a tracklist :slight_smile:

always looking to be better so any feedback welcome




just post the link like on its own

and it auto-embeds.


Whoops, didn’t mean to delete my last post…was just removing the NWAQ mix I’d already posted. But here are the 36 mixes I’ve published on my own in the past 16 months…it’s all one big learning session with the good at least outweighing the bad imo.


aint posted nothing for a while but was on my vibe yesterday in teh garden so recorded this in 2 parts

Lil Uzi Vert - Sauce it Up
DJ Roc - Low End Unity
Zora Jones - Loud ( feat Heavee & Sinjin Hawke)
DJ Rashad - Drums Please
RP Boo - Bang to the Funk
Chief Keef - Keke Palmer
DJ Nigga Fox - Karma
Vybez Kartel - Enchanting
Mosca - Square One (Roska Remix)
Norm Talley - Paradise Garage
Martyn Bootyspoon - Ease U
DJ Lycox - La Java
Egyptrixx - Everybody Bleeding
Acronym - Planetary Bounderies
DJ Lilocox - Paz & Amor
Timbaland - Birthday ( feat Ginuwine )


apologies, deleted as it’s not my own mix


Hey lovely foragers, made a mix with Luke Cohlen, a dear friend of mine, grown out of ‘Post Rave Wrestles’ (big up Bruce) where we were showing each other music we like whilst being immensily hungover…

Those convo’s abt music always circled around UK music (a mutual love, forgive me for using a clumsy definition here @zurkonic). This set starts with experimental Italian ambient from the 80s (FIELD RECORDINGS!) and classic Laurie Spiegel, after which it moves via Drexciya and Gemini to T++/DMZ/Zomby - LMK what you think!

PS Picture is the lighthouse of Texel, a Dutch isle that’s another mutual love of Luke and I


m8, all we have is clumsy definitions right now…and that might be ok…who knows, just trying to finish this goddamn first essay when dealing with an emergency oral surgery…but hey, got a mix out of me the following night featuring new Ploy, Hugo Messien, Cocktail Party Effect, Duckett, Laksa, some Stenny, and more of that UK stuff we all love and stuff (and some local jawns as well, of course:)