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Not my mix but my mix series


new one ere :slight_smile:

selection of the recent past and a few new bits from Portugal…

(p.s. artwork by Miranda Smart if anybody needs a cover…)


Recorded in 2012 shortly after breaking up with my long-time girlfriend. I guess I still listen to it every now and then because it tells a story (at least to me). Anyway, thought others might enjoy it as well.


alright ill post some i did before :slight_smile:

this was one of the first mixes i ever recorded on the eve of prince’s death (rip) and it rlly sums up all the shit i was influenced all during this time. a lot of tech house a lot of uk bass a lot of dubstep, all mixed together

this one is a very slow chilly and cozy minimal techno / dub techno mix that i made for my long distance girlfriend at the time as a lil present for her. she has problems with sleeping cuz of melatonin deficiencies :frowning: so i made this for her to doze off to quietly in the background. its called “sleepy penguin” cuz that was my nickname for her at the time, her parents always associated her with penguins and she always had a penguin backpack in her bedroom when i talked to her on skype :stuck_out_tongue: :penguin: (we dated for 3 years and then stayed friends after for about a year until some personal stuff made her rlly hate me unfairly. long story :zipper_mouth_face: but i do still miss her :frowning_woman: w/e)

another quick mix of stuff i liked at the time, a bit more chill then time ‘o’ the signs but not as slow as sleepy penguin. a bit more prog house too

getting a lot closer to my style today. very fast industrial techno, tho still a bit dubby and housey

ok here we go this is a whole new era of ivy. first mix i ever made on my then newly bought traktor kontrol s5 (all the stuff before was recorded on djay 2 on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:) i rlly did try to utilize all 4 decks and their loop functions here so it is p kaleidoscopic :heart_eyes:

ok so these two are easily my most avant-garde i made yet and they were made intentionally as humorous therapy. i was just depressed as fuck and quit djing and dance music for like a year (and got into nu metal and grunge and a lot of rock stuff and i never gave a shit about before) and after a while i realized i havent recorded anything in so long and dont rlly know how to make rock music so i made this plunderphonic noisefest a la negativeland of all the shit i genuinely liked at the time as a way of trying not to peigonhold myself into any genre for my own mental health’s sake. also to try to make myself laugh and get others too :sweat_smile: :gift_heart:

thats all up rn. i had more on soundcloud before but im poor and need to delete stuff cuz of 4 hour upload limit cuz i cant pay for premium jfc soundcloud fuck you


I started to host a show on every monday 10AM-12PM
Basically, I use my slot as a way to showcase the KNGS collective state of mind : going beyond genres and just vibing with a wide variety of music from drone/ambient to hardcore grime.
Here’s one of my favorite mix :

Started this one with some Blade Runner music and went with the flow !!


Great thread! :flying_saucer:
Like everyone I spend a lot of time online looking for news and music, and often I get stuck with notifications, trolls and social media noise. it’d be so great to have a filter for only cool music and news I thought, and after a while I came up with the idea for a radio show called Noise Atlas.
It has this weird name beacuse I basically map what’s going on around the world in the week and I mix the releases I like with voices/audio samples from the world’s news channels. It keeps me in the loop and filters out the crap :grin:
Here’s the first show, otherwise it’s live every Friday 21:00 Berlin time on OC!WR.
shout if you like it ciao ciao


The name says it all: An introductory mix to skweee. Made this quite a few years ago.
Daniel Savio, Eero Johannes, Randy Barracuda et al.

Summery mix, starting off with chillwave-y sort of tracks before moving onto house. Happy with many of the longer transitions and reprises here.
Washed Out, Baths, Lone, Floating Points, AFX, 808 State, et al.

A slightly colder feel here. House with some breakbeats.
ReSketch, Egyptrixx, Bwana, FSOL, Gusgus et al.íðin/
Trying to do a club-deconstruction/weightless type set but ventured into some syncopated stuff and d’n’b.
Demdike Stare, Minor Science, Second Woman, Mumdance, Logos, DVA, Liar, Riot, FIS, Tim Reaper et al.


thank you! hope you as well <3


Not sure if this is really a “mix” in the traditional sense and this feels weird posting here in amongst all these “proper” dj mixes that are more professionally done or what have you but i have this i guess;

Compared to the more serious dj work already posted here, this is my submission, full on amateur hour mixtape produced in adobe audition (since thats the only audio program i know how to work), all the music is taken from the noise-arch collection on the goal with it is to kind of have a dreamlike mix which also doubles up as a kind of “best bits” of the aforementioned collection since theres a whole bunch of stuff in there. a large amount of it is interesting underground 80s tape stuff so i end up saving quite a few albums i take from haha…it’s also straight up my outlet to be as artsy as i want, hence the vague/pretentious descriptions, titles and name.


Mix I did for TMT a few months back. Was only allowed to use music released between Nov-March.


just thinking out loud here…I bet if we banded together we could collectively start a pretty sick internet radio station…


Hosted mixes from my friends and I…haven’t done one in a while as they were seeming kind of pointless, but thought I’d throw a link out there anyway. cheers


agreed. the forums only gonna build and get better over the next year or so as well…


playlist for kitchen living room and bedroom dance therapy


Did a mix for some pals


did a mix of belgian rave sounds, breakbeats, jersey club, etc


My roommate and I won Secret Thirteen’s New Blood mix competition last year. The challenge was “90’s” – 70% of the mix or more had to be tracks released in the 90s, and we competed in the experimental/noise/free jazz category. Was an honor to be chosen because S13’s collage-style mixes really informed my genre-hopping mix style over the years and the way I listen to music.

Got tapped for a mix on A Closer Listen. Currently working on it with @Spednar. Will share that when it’s up.


Gribs does great mixes!


just revisited two older mixes of mine from 2010:

Mordant Music - The Hauntological Song - Mordant Music
Oun - Galactic Dialog - Generator Records
Cybotron - Clear - Juno Records
Shackleton Feat. Vengeance Tenfold - Death Is Not Final - Skull Disco
Invasion Vs Shackleton - Wizards In Dub (Part Two)- Less Music
Egypt Ear Werk - Egypt Ear Werk (Swedish Version) - Kust Musik
Andreuccio Torelli - Will Always Stay The Same - Baran Records
Jonzun Crew - Pack Jam (Look Out For The Ovc) – Metronome
Yello - I Love You – Stiff Records
Rustie - Zig-Zag (Reprise) - Wireblock
The Brown Acid - Try Humanity (Zomby’s Vitamin E Remix) - News Records
L-Vis 1990 - Compass - Night Slugs
Luke Vibert - Square Footage - Planet Mu
Ceephax Acid Crew - Life Funk - Planet Mu
Boxcutter - Arecibo Message - Planet Mu
Badawi - El Topo - Index
Breakage - Higher - Digital Soundboy
El Rakkas - I & I - Lo Dubs
Lv - Turn Away- Hyperdub
Darkstar - Videotape - Planet Mu

uh, i don’t find the tracklist anymore. but it’s a party-mix beginning with some house and disco and evolving into dubstep …