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Always love to see a mix with Fugazi in.


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Lots of free time to dig through the vinyl collection recently. I put together this mix using tracks to reflect on the current global situation.

  1. Babe Roots featuring Another Channel - Money Run Things (Echocord)
  2. The African Dream - Makin a Living (Slow To Speak)
  3. Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On (Trax)
  4. DBX - Losing Control (Accelerate)
  5. Gabrielle - Forget About the World : Daft Punk Mix (Go! Discs)
    6 Hard Life (Underground Resistance)
  6. Rio D - I Got To Make It (Let’s Pet Puppies)
  7. Ian Pooley - Cold Wait : E-Dancer Deep Soul Mix (V2 Records)
  8. DJ Q - We Are One (Filter)
  9. Derrick L Carter - Dreaming Again (Classic)
  10. Recloose - I Can’t Take It (Planet E)
  11. Kahil El’Zabar - He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands : Henrik Schwarz Remix (Deeper Soul)
  12. DJ Spider - Dystopia (Plan B)
  13. Suburban Knight - The Worlds (Transmat)
  14. Atlantic Fusion - Sanctuary (Classic)
  15. Symbols & Instruments - Mood : Optimistic Mix (KMS)
  16. Rick Wilhite - Muzic Gonna Save the World (Still Music)
  17. Skymark - Find a Place In This Crazy World : Ron Trent Mix (Rush Hour)
  18. STL - Amelie’s Dub (Smallville)
  19. Logic - The Warning : Acapella (Strictly Rhythm)
  20. Iori - Galaxy : Lord of The Isles Remix (Phonica White)
  21. Chaser - Destination Unknown (Soma)
  22. Jello Biafra - Message From Our Sponsor (Alternative Tentacles)
  23. Instinct - Catastrophe (Sound Metaphors)
  24. Florian Kupfer - This Society (LIES)
  25. Sepehr - Servants Taunt (Squirrels on Acid)
  26. Klankman - Danger (Lo Phi Forms)
  27. System Disorder - Scarlet Tears (Gravitational Waves)
  28. Jungian Archetype - The Vapoursky Project (Reference Analog Audio)
  29. Gosub - The Measurement Problem (Abstract Forms)
  30. Stanislav Tolkachev - Be Careful And Nobody Dies (Semantica)
  31. Lost Trax - Life Out of Balance (Frustrated Funk)
  32. Sleezy D - Trust (RDY)
  33. Ian Pooley - Don’t You Be Afraid (Force Inc)
  34. Carlos Sanchez Movement - Love and Respect : Joe Claussell’s Spiritual Healing Version (Maxi)
  35. Open House - Aquatic : Carl Craig’s Save The World Mix (Flash Forward)
  36. John Beltram - Fragile (Millions of Moments)
  37. Gospel Choir - Sing, Stomp & Shout (Slow To Speak)
  38. The Black Soul Mas Choir featuring Anyda Hillward - And She Parted The Red Sea : Joaquin Joe Claussell’s Sacred Rhythm Music And Cosmic Arts Versions (Sacred Rhythm)


Holy collection!

This one forever and always. Might be a perfect track for me. Big shoutout to Dope Jams/Core for reissuing it too.


Gonna listen to this today. Could I ask what software you used to make that cool little spinny logo at the beginning? Working on some visuals with some friends and my titles really suck.

Edit: damn i love everything I have heard from this OGE label. Always the best ambient groovers.


New Mix, hope you enjoy!

Alex Tomb - Isolation Mix (April 2020)


Sup 555 hive,

Latest mix from focuses on everything electro! Mix features tracks from Aux88, Alonzo, Kraftwerk, Legowelt, Privacy, DJ Godfather, Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, and more! Hope you enjoy :v:t3:


R.I.P. Hamilton Bohannon

Disco flavors from bits and pieces I’ve dug up and down the West Coast


some mellower tunes from digging at Hard Wax into breaks and poorly mixed techno sprinkled with acid


Sorry for the late reply bro.

The logo itself was done in illustrator then added to the video using premiere pro <3

Premiere pro has super basic movements.

Hope that helps.


Did a wee mix for our friends over at Hardcare. Hope you enjoy! <3


Chicago House Special on! Delved into this classic era with music from Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard, Trax Records, D.J. International, Alleviated Records, House Jam Records and more!

#334 welcomed it’s first guest on the show this week… two guests in fact! Nik-at-Nite and Slaydem beamed in from Queens for an extended session of deep fonky and off kilter sounds! You can expect never before heard Smith’s remixes, Joe’s Clap Trap, and bpm jumps!


Jolly Wailer - Lockdown Dub Rumble Mix

All Vinyl Business

Lowjack - Lasers
Naram - Dangerous (Version)
Red Light - Greetings
zerodB - Party Girl (Fixate Remix)
Mishkin - Free
Addison Groove & DJ Die - Morro Dub
Smith & Mighty - Higher Dub
Prince Far I & the Arabs - Back Weh
Micah Shemaiah - Dread At The Control
C-Side - Early Days Dub
Theory - I Saw You Girl
Egoless - Primal
Ishan Sound - Forward
LV feat. Dandelion - CCTV
Bunny Wailer - Bide Up
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - P.I.M.P.
J. Sparrow - This A Sound feat. Dan Man
Unknown Dub (my bad)
Smith & Mighty - Closer
Piper Street Sound - Small Plate feat. Addis Pablo


A Sustain-Release comrade with his 3rd eye pried open, Ziggy sent us a signal this past week from the South Bronx! Channeling a reggae record collection and ending up on the dance floors of the city - this 2 hour session embodies an excursion broadcast. Hear sounds from Ainee (Housewax), Inner City, and much more!!


“Slow tunes, semi-relaxing, all kinds of stuff. It was a bit of an exercise in making something slower than usual and getting to play all the slow tunes I enjoy but never can fit in anywhere. As a result it’s a bit all over the place mood-wise but imo in a good way. “Chillout” is not an accurate tag but does describe the general vibe, and the idea of catching people unawares with some spiky & grimy bits makes me laugh.”

Galcher Lustwerk - Kaint
Mom$ - Bent
M Dubs - Gold Coast Dub
Laurence Guy - Wish I Knew
Galcher Lustwerk - Parlay (dub)
Patricia - Josephine
Thaddeus Nelson Jr - Disco Junky
Equiknoxx - Clunk
Fingers Inc. - Can You Feel It
Jaisu - LetMeGo
DJ Python - Esteban
Takuya Matsumoto - Drafting Under The Stars
Nico Lindsay - Miscalculated
Equiknoxx - A World of Welsh
DJ N***a Fox - 5 Violinos
Jam City - Dream ‘15
Poundshop - 6wings
Jam City - City Hummingbird (Club Mix)
Simo Cell - As Long As We Have Those Things
Erykah Badu - Fall In Love (Your Funeral)
Equiknoxx - A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up
Dizzee Rascal - Sittin’ Here
Laugh & Peace - Chotto Kiitena


Ridgewood mainstay Love Letters has been a fixture in the NY dance community through his Hypnotic Spa parties, Planetarium residency at Nowadays, and searing releases on The Bunker NY and Sublimate. Love Letters takes us on a sublime and dreamy 2 hour journey, featuring sounds from Urban Tribe, DJ Central, Drexciya, and many more!


latest with a couple original tracks


Good evening gentlemen,

While Europe is slowly opening up again, the Americas are still struggling with the outcomes of COVID-19 outbreak: let’s have a tour of the new normality across the globe.

Durante - Maia @durante
Patrick Holland - Soft Recycle @ppatrickholland
Bruce Trail - Only Sea @brucetrail
Bruce Trail - Beatrice @brucetrail
Patricia - Josephine @patricia-official
Patricia - Spotting @patricia-official
Kusp (Uk) - Give It To Me @kusp_official
Aphex Twin - Tha2 [world scam mix] @user18081971
Chaos In The CBD - Digital Sound @chaos-in-the-cbd
Bruce Trail - Gargamel Rising @brucetrail
Patrick Holland - Sinking Feeling @ppatrickholland
Patricia - Speed Wagon Night Bride @patricia-official
Prequel - The World Is Love @stampthewax


dedicated to the 346,000+ killed not just by the virus itself, but by the lack of health resources hoarded by the rich for profit. and also dedicated to every proletarian still alive, pls do not worry, the whole neoliberal system will crumble not long after the pandemic ends, be ready to politically struggle for creating a new system on our terms.