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don’t you love it when music forums are free of politics?..


I just put up a mix with Patricia - Josephine here just the other day! What are the chances?! It must be 5 years old too, at least.


Personally, no.

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Decelerate is a musician, DJ, and programmer based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His journey in dance music began at the intersection of p2p software & playing at Miami’s downtown clubs as a teen. Tracklist inside!


New episode of my vinyl mixes series… Check it out if you’re into that minimal house sound…

I will upload soundcloud version a bit later… but the video is up now…

  1. Cristi Cons « Perceptual » [MEANDER 21]
  2. Mihigh & Paul K « Light of Unity » [MELODROM02]
  3. Alex Troubetzkoy « Late Night Tales » [FR006]
  4. Cristi Cons « Aural » [MEANDER 21]
  5. Liiebermann « Forecast » [STPV003]
  6. Maik Yells « Atopos » [Ulises]
  7. Unknown Artist « Untitled A » [KA011]
  8. Mihigh & Paul K « Inside » [MELODROM02]
  9. Emi « Wiredweird » [playedby002]
  10. Nunes « Poesia Sonora » [SBTL013]
  11. BeleeJean « Feminas » [BPV023]
  12. Ritmico « Rundover » [playedby002]
  13. Alex Troubetzkoy « Marys Watlz » [FR006]
  14. Nunes « Disventura » [SBTL013]
  15. Willie E. Coyote, The Road Runner ‎« Track003B » [tooneylunes003]


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Made a mix few days ago, mostly with some of my ambient/piano pieces that I love with lots of composition from my favorite label, other people. Hope you might like it.

The Flowers Of Tomorrow


Decided to pull together some tunes I’ve been really into over the last few months, along with a few all time favourites.

SCB - Laboratory Conditions
Barker - Look How Hard I’ve Tried
Four Tet - This Is Six Minutes
Caribou - Lalibela
Barker & Baumecker - Love Is A Battlefield
Technasia - Force (Club Mix)
Kasper Marott - Keflavik
Four Tet - Teenage Birdsong (Overmono Remix)
Konx-Om-Pax - Return To Cascada
Skee Mask - Melczop 2
Citizenn - Songs of Praise + Worship - Part 2
Stussko - Spacefunk
Nathan Micay - Feed the Planetary Sharks
Lory D - grn-HF
Four Tet - green reorder techno
Placid Angles - First Blue Sky


This is all about George Floyd’s case:

𝗙𝗢𝗥 𝗠𝗥. 𝗙𝗟𝗢𝗬𝗗 - As the world calls for justice for the murder of George Floyd, the four police officers involved in his arrest have been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Listen back to this “pandemic of racism’s” story.

Mr. Fingers - Praise To The Vibes(Mr. Fingers Alternate Version)
Folamour - These Are Just Places To Me Now
Knopha - 端倪
Girls of the Internet - Infinite Harmony
Hielektromen - My House,疯疯又癫癫
Matthieu Faubourg - Please, Stay
Jrg - Poetic Nature
J.R.G - Plastic n’ Ivory Featuring Credit Card
Quasar - I Never Thought I’d See The Day
Matthieu Faubourg - Winter Will Be Long (Byron the Aquarius Remix)


Yo - Peace to all,

Recorded a mix just under 2 hours for Aire Libre 105.3 fm in Mexico City. Stay safe and healthy.


Another slow one here.

“Second one of these slow ones. Semi-relaxing, all kinds of stuff. It was a bit of an exercise in making something slower than usual and getting to play all the slow tunes I enjoy but never can fit in anywhere. As a result it’s a bit all over the place mood-wise but imo in a good way. Most of the tunes are not really traditional DJ tunes so the mixing is a bit loose but hopefully it holds together well enough. “Chillout” is not an accurate tag but does describe the general vibe, and the idea of catching people unawares with some spiky bits makes me laugh.”

Laugh & Peace - Chotto Kiitena (Delicious Mix)
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Methods
Equiknoxx - We Miss You Little Joe
Lukid - Southpaw
The Streets - Stay Positive
Equiknoxx - Last Of The Mohicans
Bass Clef - Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare
Stefan Goldmann - Looted
Joe - MB
Osamu Sato - Circuit Training
REQ - Madeira Drive
The Ragga Twins - Love Talk
DJ Python - Las Palmas
E-Smoove - Déjà Vu (Original Vibe)
Jam City - B.A.D.
Black Spuma - Gabula
Paleman - Talk Louder
DJML - DR660 Tabla
Luis - Kirgaly
Mom$ - Losing No Sleep (Ruff Cut)
Groove Chronicles - Get Down


I have been hosting a live stream called Houseplant Paradise


new mix


did this mix a couple weeks back, tried to run through these Jamaican donuts at a rapid clip, almost got 40 in




Hante. - RESPECT (Kontravoid Remix)
She Past Away - Durdu Dünya (Boy Harsher Remix)
Sina XX - Rêve Industriel (Bobigny Mix)
Croatian Amor & Varg2tm - Angelika
Wasted Fates - Sub Complex
WRACK - Despertar 醒
TAYHANA - Club Paraíso
Fisky - Kobra
Filmmaker - Pit Of Souls
Hellboi - Enter The Void
Sharplines - Lucifer Rising
Nathaniel - Fire and the Moon
ALVAR - Follow You
Nphonix x Encode - Firebreak
Edyth - 9999
Synthetiq - hey you (feat. data drain)
Monotronique - Step N Slide
Coutoux - Man O’ War


Did this mix for North/South Carolina outlet Never Say Ruin. Chaotic soup of what I’m listening to lately – lots of David Morales mixes, more than one quest?onmarc track, and a Happy Hardcore final act that’s mostly just Grant Nelson.Wishdokta. Never Say Ruin are good people and they’re super down for mix submissions if anyone’s interested hit them up

Donna Allen - The Resurrection (Part 1) [David Morales] // 1994 Epic
Chapter 1 - Unleash The Groove (E Funk Mix) // 1990 Strictly Rhythm
The Boss - Congo (D Man Mix) [David Morales] // 1994 Strictly Rhythm
Big Baby - Get Up (House Party Mix) // 1991 Big Productions
Fisky - Train // 2019 Scuffed Recordings
Elastic Reality Feat. Shaun Kéng Collins - Cassa De X (Dubfire’s Xcursion) // 1994 TRIBAL America
Tony G - Music Owns U (DJ Delish Remix) // forthcoming Sorry Records
kpax - kpax // 2020 Riviera Records
Lisa Frank & Rez Ekbatan - Whisper // 2019 ROAMANCE
Skycorp Home Video - 80’s Sex Ed PSA - Premarital Sex
Huey - Pop, Lock, & Drop It (Instrumental) // 2006 Jive
quest?onmarc - RING THE ALARM // 2019
Metal Heads - Terminator // 1992 Synthetic Records
Nikki Nair - EXP5 (Jensen Interceptor RMX) // 2020 Tram Planet
Ma Sha Ru - Hear The Smell // 2020 Sorry Records
Ben Ritz - Split Filter // 2020 Merge Layers
rapala700 - HardBait (quest?onmarc Remix) // 2020 OXYORANGE
FALSEBOI - Overheat // 2020
Naughty Naughty - Untitled [Volume Nine B1] // 1994
DJ Rashad - Acid Bit (feat. Addison Groove) // 2013 Hyperdub
Justin Time - Help Me // 1995 Just Another Label
Billy “Daniel” Bunter & JDS - Let It Lift You (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Mix) // 1995 Just Another Label
DJ Seduction - Seduction (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) // 1996 Impact Records
Spiral Tribe - Connector // 1993 Butterfly/Big Life
DJ Seduction - Seduction (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) // 1996 Impact Records


No One’s Watching on Threads Radio 18/07/20.

Dominique Grimaud - In Middle In The Dream
Lighght - Disintegration Thongs
Abdellah M. Hassak - Carnival in Casbah
amby downs - gudhuwa-y (burnt with pain)

Eros Ramazotti and Tina Turner - Cose Della Vita
Jay Daniel - Solo
Kodie Shane - BLOOMING
HHY & The Macumbas - Gysin Version feat Adrian Sherwood
Popcaan - Everything Nice
The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over - The Max Song
Matia Bazar - Ti Sento

Moodymann - Taken Away
Russell Ellington Langston Butler - It’s a Flex to Cry in Another Country I GUESS
SertOne – Spectres

Shaybo - Daily Duppy freestyle
Falz × Ms Banks - Bop Daddy
Julius Eastman - Joy Boy
c. racha - i make moves, not announcements.
Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Featuring Nicki Minaj) (Remix)

Magugu - Gugudaga
Spice - Yaaas Goodie
Petwo Evans - Petwo Jumper
Blawan - Getting Me Down
Chrissy - Your Ghost (feat. Maria Amor)
Mamman Sani - Samari Da Yan Matan


here is a mix of my own productions,
from Trap to modular noisy stuff all the way to EBM?? hehe
let me know what u think