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Glad to hear it, hope you enjoy it all!


Back in my old dubstepforum days I was obsessed with mixes and because I was listening to 140-centric stuff I could ID certain tracks easily or at least tell if it was made by a certain producer. As I shifted towards stuff outside of dubstep and grime IDing tracks in mixes became harder without a tracklist. However it’s a massive adrenaline rush if I go on soundcloud / youtube / bandcamp to listen to some random tracks and immediately find out “wait, this was from a mix I listened to two years ago!”


I have been doing live broadcasts as Houseplant Paradise and just uploaded the most recent mix to Soundcloud

If you feel like tuning in, I am doing another broadcast Today 3/27/2020 at 9 PM PST Here:

  1. Shake Your Molecules (Original) - Soma Holiday
  2. Retox- Essaie Pas
  3. Il Buffone - Dilemma
  4. We Have Come To Bless This House - Severed Heads
  5. That Boy - Shakti
  6. Product Of My Environment - TV.Out
  7. Mysteric Teachings - Photonz
  8. The Anal Staircase (A Dionysian Remix) - Coil
  9. Astrodance - Art Fine
  10. Someday (New 12’’ House) - Mariah Carey
  11. Downhill Racer [Kenny Dope Remix] - Everything But The Girl
  12. Just a Memory - 6th Borough Project
  13. Shinzo No Tobira - Mariah
  14. Brothers - DAF
  15. Synapse - Linea Aspera
  16. Dead Feathers (Original Mix) - Coyote
  17. Changes (Ron Basejam Remix)- Alena
  18. FlyLOVE (Andrés Remix)- Chris Turner
  19. Looking Back (Tornado Wallace Dub)- Andras & Oscar
  20. She Can´t Love You (Purple Disco Machine Edit)-Chemise
  21. The Grit (Original Disco Mix)- Actual Proof
  22. Giovanni Frizzante (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)- Johannes Albert
  23. Nightsteps - Cherushii
  24. Wrong (Todd Terry Remix)- Everything But The Girl
  25. Don’t Call Me Lofi, Baby - Bobby Analog
  26. Tearing Up the Plans, Part 1 - 23 Skidoo
  27. Bonita Applebum (Sir Piers & Si Ashton’s Curious House Mix)- A Tribe Called Quest
  28. Shadow (Kettenkarussell Remix) - Chromatics
  29. Fluids of Emotion - Eris Drew
  30. Techno Symphony - Nexus 21
  31. Anytime You Need A Friend [C&c Club Version] - Mariah Carey
  32. Incoming Instructions (Brioski Remix) - Cyclist, Brioski


What’s up 555-5555 folks? Haven’t been here for a while.

Here’s a recording of Robyrt Hecht (Yuyay Records) and me playing records back2back at a local table-tennis bar in 2016. The bar closed last year but the mix gives a good impression how a friday night sounded there. Enjoy, it’s very funky!


Good evening gentlemen,
this is about COVID-19 and potential solutions, aka global health systems.

Living rooms around the World, let’s rave together :metal:


Mild Minds - Movements
Fort Romeau - K.O.N.T.R.O.L
Patrick Holland - Dialed
Four Tet - Love Salad
Four Tet - School
Four Tet - Baby
Bicep - Atlas
DJ Haus - See U In My Dreams (Lone Remix)
Four Tet - Something In The Sadness
Distance Will Not Divide Us - Makai - HOME LESS
Otherliine - One Line
Against All Logic - City Fade
James Blake - I’ll Come Too


UVB76 - Cargo
FLESH - Frail
June & An-i - Afterlife
Rhys Fulber - Slip It In (feat. Sara Taylor)
Boy Harsher - R.O.V. (New Beat Edit // PART TIME PUNKS session)
S Y Z Y G Y X - Fantasma
Martin Dupont - I Met the Beast
Sololust - Too Much Days a Row
June - The Passenger
BLACK EGG - Desire
THE PRESENT MOMENT and Mascara - Stealer
Uniform - The Order of Death
Paralyze - Initial Isolation
Daniel Holt - The Querent
Seahawks - Crystal Beach
Dj Nephil - SHIT1
Chrome Corpse - Silent Runners
Laibach - Vier Personen
Rinpoche - Searchlight Delusion
Shapednoise feat. Justin K Broadrick - Blaze
Hex Wolves - Dream Filth
khost - Intravener in Dub (Mothboy Remix)
E L O N - Inside the Private City
Current 93 / HÖH - Crowleymass
Scanner - New York City Street Map

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Hope everyone is keeping well in these strange times.

Throwing some techno vinyl around for an hour.

  1. Stephen Lopkin - Submission (Dub)
  2. Troy - Surge
  3. Floorplan - Brothers and Sisters
  4. Truncate - Level Up
  5. Lewis Fautzi - Glimmer
  6. Peder Mannerfelt - Everywhere Everywhere
  7. Mark Broom - EFB
  8. Monrella - Main Whipping
  9. Floorplan - Song Like This
  10. Lukes Anger - Bang Bang
  11. Klankman - Danger
  12. Carl Finlow -Viroids
  13. Mosca - Swann Morton
  14. Hodge - Silo
  15. Svarog -Flight Over
  16. Fabrizio Lapiana - Collective Chaos
  17. Svreca - Nida (Adriana Lopez remix)
  18. Svreca - How To Become Nothing (Desroi remix)
  19. RX-101 - Angry Tin Can
  20. Station Rose - Telepresence
  21. Pan Sonic - Lahetys Transmission
  22. Tjade - Koi Jaye (Edit)
  23. Datassette - Shooz Who


some hip hop and broken beats into breaks


Greetings from Brooklyn, NY.

Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe.

I’ve been spending a ton of time with my record collection lately and been yearning for an outlet. I’ve been thinking of creative ways to share music with my friends . I finally mustered up the energy and put together a slightly left of field weekly broadcast concept.

Each Thursday on Twitch, will explore reputable and tiny label catalogues, sub genre’s and forgotten eras of dance and music. Today’s broadast will revolve around the Chill Out Room™️. Broadcast starts at 5pm today.




Had some tech issues that pretty much wiped the audio recording, but re-recorded the mix :upside_down_face:

The Chill Out Room™️ broadcast dives into the sound of the side room. Multi-room raves, warehouse parties, or alternative spaces with any sign of music programming tend to offer listeners and dancers a dedicated space to come down, unwind, and reconnect with others. This context lends itself to adventurous programming that sidesteps the pressure of keeping ravers on the dance floor. Broadcast features artists such as Steven Halpern, Internet Spy Machine, Great Ghost, Visible Cloaks, ANF, D.I.E, and more. Enjoy.



a very drunk mix


keep doinit (glowin) mix

don’t hesitate if you intrested by plays-list, ask and I post it

hope you enjoy
Very great puttingtogether by all previous mixer, thanks


The first installment in a new mix series I’m starting. Each one will be short (around 30 minutes), there’s no beat matching, but everything is mixed. Sounds range from dystopian synth pop to Shanghai post-club music, Irish hip-hop to post-punk exotica, trippy Atlanta trap to Japanese game compositions, and even a minimal synth cover of the Rolling Stones. I am very happy with how this mix turned out and I hope you enjoy it too.


Gazelle Twin-Dieu Et Mon Droit

40hurtz-Mankyy’s Banger

Gooooose-Arp Kicks

Jelly & Pi’erre Bourne-Karma

Kazuo Hanzawa-Oblivious Past (Alien Soldier OST)

Polyphonic Size-Mother’s Little Helper

AFX-Laughable Butane Bob


Mars89-End of the Death

The Creatures-Gecko

Artful Dodger-Rewind

Mouth-Acab (Part 2)


Itchy Bugger-Adorable Graveyard



Easy everyone!

Raw recording of the last broadcast, recorded this past Thursday live from Brooklyn.

This episode focuses on the deep house sound of New York and New Jersey… 1991 to 1993! Tons of lost gems and foundational house rhythms in this one… along with saxophones and wild piano solos… bless!


Good evening gentlemen,

As the world locks down we’ve all had to shift gears and adapt to a new lost freedom, often coming to terms to our inner voices.
From Zagreb’s earthquakes to Normandie’s charms, from Soviets soundscapes to Buenos Aires’ vibes, my beloved ones around the world spent a minute to share their stories of self-isolation during the covid-19’s outbreak, mapping a human atlas of fears and new learnings.
All alone and yet, all together, each one describes their personal navigation through this bizarre moment, coping with the unknowns until we’ll be able to reach out to a new normality.


44th Move - Broken
Andras Fox - Running Late
Andras Fox - Your Life
Elkka - Compromise… for what?
Steven Legget, Mark Hand - If You Cannot Try Mark Hand Rework]
Quavius - Me Liking You
Raär - Leave Me in My Broken Dreams
Merves, Ghostfacee - Jungle
Raär - Wrong
Charleeps - Matabiau
John Roberts - Ever Or Not [Original Mix]
John Roberts - Navy Blue [Original Mix]


Like everyone else I’ve not got a lot to do atm (I’m a care worker but I’m locked down atm) so I did this. I had this mix planned for a while but partially I did it because there’s been some revelations about the UK Labour Party in the last couple of days that made me so angry that I had to do a mix to burn off some of the adrenaline. So I chose to do this extremely aggy mix lol.

“Angry, tracky music that made me think of riots - there were a lot of riots going on worldwide before coronavirus hit properly and things globally seem in a bad place, people are angry and unhappy. That’s what this mix is about.”

Population One - March On
Paleman - Dining and Bar
Murder He Wrote - DS9 Riddim
Arma - Tokyo Drift (Arma Edit)
Ekman - A1 كيمياء (Chemistry)
JoeFarr - Standard Issue
Leonce - Shade Incarnate [Instrumental]
Reel By Real - Look At Me
Simo Cell - How Do U Turn This On
Stenny - Consumer’s Tool
DJ Ladybarn - Glock
Ellll - Febreeze (G.E.O. Corp Mix)
Poundshop - Fields
Randomer - Sheen
Champion & Melé - Get Down
Toma Kami - Negative Extasy
Falcon Black Ops - Nine
IVVVO - So Much
Arma - Knees Up
Stenny - 3KK-CB SAT
Morwell - Eyes on Me (Alec Pace remix)
Tsunga - B More Dog
Lukid - Twisted Blood
DJ Rolando - Aztec Mystic
Container - Radiatior
DJ Ladybarn - Killa Killa
Tubby - Steppa
D.O.K - Look Uno
Dubchild - Can’t Do
Joker - Marching Orders
DJ Firmeza - RRRRRR
DJ Marfox - A Propria
Nazar - UN Sanctions
DJ Vague - Freakout
Toasty - The Knowledge
Plata - Eriko
Lee Gamble - Pandemonium Institute
L U C Y - Audi A3
Special Request - Spectral Frequency
Grade 10 - Total Chaos


A mix that explores dub outside the context of conventional reggae music, highlighting what Kevin Martin describes as the “viral, mutational capabilities” of dub.


The Cradle-Intro

Inga Copeland & John T. Gast-Sisters of Control (Version)

Puddy Roots-When I Release (Version)

Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa-I Create in the Face of Destruction

New Age Steppers-Animal Space

Ryuichi Sakamoto-E-3A


Young Echo-Rocksteady

DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess-Two Walls (Problematic Dub)

Gray-Drum Mode


The Cradle-Day’s End Dub