Production & Promo


Starting putting stuff up on SC. Kinda lo-tech murky post-techno house loops or something:


@chava these are fantastic. almost thinking you could dispense with the drums altogether…plenty of movement just in the melodic/textural loops!


I just put a new tape out on a little Scottish label.


Thanks a lot! I just have a thing for ultra-basic 4/4 drumpatterns. I guess that’s the darling I need to kill…


Dancehall, FDM, Dark, Experimental, Club Tool. Free DL.


are you an architect?


No. What do you mean? Because of my affinity for 4/4? :grinning:


haha what do YOU mean - I was referring to your mix artwork !


Ah I was referencing @criminiminal above. The artwork is expressing my love/hate relationship with brutalist architecture I guess.


Hi everyone, I’ve recently released my debut EP and wanted to share. Slow moving, intense, electronic stuff. A bit syrupy. I hope you like it x


Really like Southbound, nice overlapping feel to it


Here’s a video for a single off a new release on the way in August


@cares warm noise makes my heart rate accelerate and gives me an endorphin rush. lovely.


Hey all, I don’t really produce but I was fortunate enough to have Mumdance play this one on Rinse a while ago, hadn’t done anything with it since so thought I’d give it away on my recently started label, only have 1 release on their at the moment but it’s a corker, if you like GQOM then it’s for you :slight_smile:


Ryan / DJSP

something else I gave away –

GQOM listen 4 any1 interested –


A mashup with Yak Yak:


Hello - first post on here - and anywhere…
wanted to share a project we’ve started with some friends and I

very pleased this website exists -
much love


haha what’s the other tune?


Behind the Mask - YMO. I think MJ sampled them as well in his last album


this one’s mine from last year, a broken beat type thing:

I’m still pretty happy with it - it’s mostly a live recording with a few bits tidied & overdubbed. based around an irregular loop of a field recording of bicycle spokes being hit with a drumstick. ran it through an octave pedal & reverb pedal, chopped it up with the sidechain function on the TR-8, re-sampled it with the OP-1 sequencer and played around some filtering. this is because i am very bad at using DAWs hahaha


Too much quality in this thread!

Here’s a track I finished recently, inspired by humidity and maybe the underwater level from Donkey Kong Country.