Production & Promo


YO thought it would be ideal to start a thread where we can share music/audio we are working on or have put out.

@asuka started this in suggestions: General Music and Production Page and its not been done officially yet so thought ‘Music General’ was the place to get the ball rollin.

Heres somethin out recently via CORRUPT DATA would appreciate any opinions / feedback and hope this can spark a decent production techniques / promo / general chat thread for the masses !

check out corrupt data also, banging out some sick visual art as well as loads of tunes and doing alot for music at the moment imo and theres a free hardcore comp coming out this month.



The bass on that is emotional, is this the compilation coming out soon?


safe man. no that tune is just a seperate free download man cop it. there is a promo mix for the hardcore comp on the corrupt data soundcloud page. got some right stompers in it.

have you got any tunes i can hear?


sick on the dl now, corrupt data making all the right moves atm. really interested in seeing how the label develops over time. like what blackdown imagined keysound to be the past couple years.

yeah haha not that great tho just sketches and experiments. everything i made in house on FL no external plug ins. as Gaunt said, they sound cheap :man_shrugging:


I like the lead sound because it has a lot of motion and it’s sort of ambiguous what the sound even is.


what daw r u using im reallly vibing to that bass


the bass is from a korg minilogue. i use logic 9 to record and arrange and i go between software and hardware fx processing.

ur sstuff is defo up my street mate. i really like the textures you got going on and the repetition in the beat. will have a listen to the rest of ur stuff properly when i get home


sick yeah thats a proper weighty bass man the synth melody on top is nice too. dno if i should ask but feel free to dm the answer but where do u get your software from?


nah its cool bruv i use logics stock plugins mostly eq / distortion. i have a few synthesizers / noisemakers and old external fx processors / pedals. paul stretch as well, thats it.


thanks for listening :facepunch:


Eyyy @NATSOAS big up mate, top tune in that comp, happy to be part of it myself, corrupt data making some wicked moves.


yo big up man ur tune in the hardcore comp is an absolute beast


@NATSOAS god that tune is gorgeous. Any clues as to what you used for the lead? Also Corrupt Data have been on one, bigup for releasing with em

@asuka the lead on your tune is great btw, there’s a lot of potential in those sounds


@NATSOAS this track rules, v nice!! enjoying some of the other stuff on ur soundcloud as well~ :heart_eyes_cat:

this is my fav track i’ve put out in a bit, from a pretty ok EP i think lol.


Safe man. U know that early partisan was a big influence for me in the early days!! Lookin forwrard to hearing new stuff from u



this is one of my favorites


Yo this sounds amazing. Going to give a proper listen on headphones in a bit as im on my phone !


bcuz self promo is not specified in the thread shamelessly promoting some dj screw

cuz u can never shill dj screw


@melanie currently listening to this ep. amazing work. such a good mix of aggression and feeling. i love the spacey textures drowned in reverb. have u heard of sadwrist?


INSERT premiere of Ripleys - Extacy

Heres the visuals for the release